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Creating Learning Communities



Learning from the Past 

Managing the Present 

Creating the Future


Over the years, there are good responses to this QuaSyLaTic approach focusing on Knowledge and Skills so as to increase our capability and capacity to create the future we truly desire.

Several communities are emerging as follow, to cater for different needs of people focusing on different knowledge domains.

Energy Psychology Coaching and Healing Proactice

This e-community is now dedicated to the use of Energy Psychology in the form of coaching and healing for transformation of individual, organization and community.

Transformation can be a) change of mindset / behavior to create better or more positive outcomes, business results, b) a calmer and peaceful mind that could help to reduce stress, pain, suffering, illnesses / diseases.

The e-community has evolved from NLP application, then Solution Focus, Systems Thinking, Emotional Freedom Techniques, TAT, etc. to a more integrated coaching / healing system.

The focus of this group is still on PRACTICE (not theory or knowledge, which you can read from books or internet) : posting can be a) what did I learn from the practice / coaching session, or b) what new discovery in my design for a Energy Psychology practice, c) what questions, towards more in-depth learning, arise after practice or Energy Psychology design.

You are welcome to introduce yourself to join the group.

Sharing the application of Energy Psychology among students who attended Energy Psychology training

This community also includes patients who receive Energy Psychology treatment at the clinic conducted by this e-moderator.

The key purpose o this community is to learn and share their experiences and application of Energy Psychology - helping to heal themselves and others.

Started in Jan 2001. Currently there are more than 250 members. Created for Malaysians, whereby this QuaSyLaTic writer shares his experience, knowledge and skills on Pattern and Trends of the Market, applied on Unit Trust as investment tool. Membership is by invitation / recommendation. 

Learning and Practicing QuaSyLaTic Investment System

This is a e-community of graduates from the training program as per QuaSyLaTic Investment System Training, created by the trainer / coach of the training program, as a free after-sale-service, to encourage them to learn and practice the taught Investment System among THEMSELVES, knowing very well that Learning is a Discipline, which does not come automatic.

This learning forum is created to reinforce learning after participants of the training program gave their good learning feedback

New graduates will be added to this e-learning forum.

This community is created for members who are clients of this QuaSyLaTic Investment knowledge provider. 

Started in July 2001 as a result of a group of people attended a workshop on Learning Organization. There was this idea that participants continue to "team learn" from each other. New members are added, i.e. for those who are exposed to the concepts and theories of Learning Organization. Membership is open to those interested. This community is not active at the present moment. However Learning Organization will in in action with full force soon. Watch up for further announcement.

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Dated 26th Apr, 2005 / updated 3rd Jan 2010


Below is the history or evolution of communities taking shape until now (see above)


The notion of creating QuaSyLaTic Virtual Community took shape on 1998 Christmas. The concept of Virtual Community was discussed in my article "Virtual Community" . The seed of this community project started at the time when my QuaSyLaTic homepage was created 1st Sept. 96. Since then there are regular visitors to my site, some exchanged their ideas / views with me. Whatever maybe the case, there is one thing common among all - the desire and aspiration of having a genuine community spirit, the ideals of a Quality Society, living in peace, harmony and creative future, or whatever ways to express such intrinsic human purpose of being.

Who are the visitors to my homepage?

There are a great diversity of people, from different races, nationalities, faiths and beliefs. They are from many different walks of life and background and having variety of interests and hobbies. For example : friends and relatives of mine, friends and relatives of visitors, professionals, youth, consultants, representatives from other virtual communities, institutions, corporation, manufacturing, businessmen, coach community, politicians, media people, publication, forum groups, students, stock market investors, nonprofit organizations, government servants, voluntary organizations, clubs and associations, university academicians, information technology specialists etc. etc. .

A Virtual Community is taking shape

With a great many different people, representing diversified fields of knowledge and wisdom, and consciously or unconsciously having a desire to co-create a better world, a virtual community is taking shape. Thanks to the increasing advancement and friendly IT facilities like Mailing List, a system of communication, coordination and collaboration is made possible among members of the community. This is a second distinct phase of this virtual community project. You are then encouraged to sign up to QuaSyLatic Virtual Community . Refer the top of this page for the latest Virtual Communities sites

Signing up as member is easy

That is, by joining the mailing list .... .

What is your role and potential benefits in QuaSyLaTic Virtual Community?

  • Members' expression of ideas and opinions on any interesting topic - as community participants.
  • Listening to others' viewpoint, experience, knowledge and wisdom - as listeners
  • Any new update in my homepage will be automatically informed to members in their email box. More and more I will act as facilitator, virtual community organizer, to keep members informed of new development, or anything maybe of interest/value to the larger community, through my homepage, mailing list.

What are the Objectives and Actions?

As we have different mental models that influence our worldviews, we may not need to rigidly define our objectives. It is suggested that the QuaSyLatic hompeage guiding ideas - Quality Organizations make Quality Society, could be used as guides. I see this as collective effort of all of us, participating, developing, evolving, and co-creating shared visions. .

The various articles posted in my homepage also represent a variety of subjects, some of which contributed by visitors of my homepage. As membership increases, there will be new subjects and new perspectives.

Knowledge Management & Linkage with Global Village

As we interact with each others, there are knowledge and insights gained. For effective knowledge management, such learning is captured in Internet Knowledge Database, called QuaSyLaTic Knowledgebase Reflection and Inspirational Corner, as the name suggests, it is a Corner for Reflection and to gain Inspiration. It is different from the usual discussion forum, where there will be much advocacy of ideas or opinions, some inquiry. However the discipline of Reflection, in my humble opinion, is powerful and insightful.

Refer Why another new website "QuaSyLaTic Knowledgebase"? for further explanation. Todate Nov. 2000, there will be close to 1000 knowledge objects in the database. More will be generated as members, (subscribers) continue to interact with QuaSyLaTic.

Some Framework for future undertaking

A community is most interesting because of its diversity, whereby synergy can be created. As we know each other (as members) better, we may need to introduce others to compliment our membership, i.e. Identification of different groups or categories of people.

We may have to think and create new ideas on networking with many other virtual communities.

In this respect, there will be many opportunities for creative thinking and role-plays by members.

Maybe one day we could truly build a Virtual Community with effective action in realizing our dreams.

If you are the movers type, i.e. like to initiate the first move, you could join "QuaSyLaTic Virtual Community" and inspire others to response. However, if you prefer to be bystander with the view to observe, learn and be inspired, subscribe to QuaSyLaTic Knowledgebase Reflection and Inspirational Corner.


Andrew Wong, QuaSyLaTic Virtual Community (QVC) Organizer.
27th Dec. 98, Revised 11th Nov. 2000, 14th April, 2001

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