By Andrew Wong      31st Jan 2004

Using Market Instruments for Investment


This page is revamped in response to the learning needs of the community of investors and my own pursuit of higher learning in more sophisticated types of investment.
The focus is now on exploring and using various market instruments to create wealth, with the necessary knowledge and skills as the backbones.
The underlying theory used is System Theory, or often called Technical Analysis.
Market Instrument 1 : Unit Trust / Equity Stock Market / Bond
  Specific Column on Understanding Equity Market using Unit Trust as Investment Instrument
Market Instrument 2 : Currency
  This instrument is currently used by myself, especially for children studying overseas, hedging currency appropriately at the correct timing..
Market Instrument 3 : Option Trading
  This instrument is currently under study by myself.
Market Instrument 4 : Future / Commodity
  After mastering Option Trading, this instrument will be the next learning agenda.
Communities of Investors / Investment Learners
  Learning Theory and Tools on Market Investment - Internet Tuition Class On-going
  Newsletter to Investment Knowledge Seekers - Qinvest
  Newsletter to Club Members only  - Qinvest3
  Investment Analysis for Club Members only     Qinvest2 Corner
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