Action Page on Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Ideas 


Making it Happen!


By Andrew Wong      Jan. 2003

Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Ideas as embodied in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series of books have awakened many, especially the middle class and professionals.

This “Action Page on Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Ideas” is created for the following reasons:
  • Many who read the books or attended the seminars still need reinforcement and discipline to make things happened
  • Ideas awake people – action is needed. How?
  • Compelling ideas with larger visions take time to realize – patience, focus and persistency can be a big problem
  • Translating good ideas and concepts to Plan, Strategy, Action, Evaluation and Results need special skills
  • There are many distractions in life: work, family, commitment, short term gratification, survival, security, health …. How to remain focused, creative and self-generating?
  • In this age of information overload causing indigestion, how to filter off the noises and take on the key signals to help built our dreams of the future?


From Ideas & Concepts to Action and Results we face the challenge of Time : requiring Patience and Accelerated Learning, more Knowledge and Skills that can give us the Proficiency, Competency, and Expert Mastery. 

Learning Solution:

This QuaSyLaTic designed this Action Page to address the above challenges, through 20 plus years of professional experiences with various knowledge domains skillfully blended with the key ideas of Robert T. Kiyosaki, and from insights gained from the many years of role-play as a Personal Coach and Organization Coach. (Refer 360q.com for a spectrum of knowledge domains)

Two Key Approaches :

  1. Articles and Presentation Slides helping people to focus on key ideas and take action
  2. Offering Coaching Service to Individuals and /or Teams (eMail QuaSyLaTic for more information)

Readers and QuaSyLaTic Community Members are encouraged to read again and again Robert T. Kiyosaki’s books to appreciate better the context and rich stories, as this Action Page only take the key messages.


Stages of Learning to Mastery

The Articles, Slides and Coaching will cover the followings : (Though under construction, coaching is on going to clients using the models and tools)
Awakening : (Get a few Key Strokes and not many Mosquito bites)
Missing Links & Restricting Interpretation: (Many roads can lead to Rome, not just one road. Some roads are more winding than others)
Deeper Financial Literacy, Not Superficiality (Make easy money fast or actualizing our full potentials that create greater wealth?)
Action and Reflection (Accelerated Learning to increase our capacity to create the desired results, not stressful action without leverage)
The Journey and Destination (Too late if we ask : “Is it what I want at the end of the journey?” )
Direct Sale - Trend, Implications and New Ideas
Keep Your Day Job and still make Millions
Many articles on Investing, Investing, Investing


Email QuaSyLaTic for more details and references.



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