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Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) 

Norman Jewison's screen adaptation of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice "rock opera," 

Watched in early 70', during my university student time. Watching it today still brings out the similar emotion and reflection about the reality of life today - the mindsets and behavior of the authority, the hierarchy; the fear and insecurity of the good intention people; the moment of self-doubt, the voice and the vision; the deep reflection and revelation .....

The lively and vibrant music, the messages in the lyrics, ...  make this movie attractive to watch and watch again.

I wonder how will today youth react to "Jesus Christ Superstar"



Hair (1979) 

The 60s, the hippies, the anti-war passion, the Vietnam War .... was it a lost generation of the youth? Or, was it the idealism, the cry against the establishment?

Today, there are many other types of wars, atrocities, claims of injustices, ... we don't have similar hippies movement! Is it a new generation who knows what she wants? Or, is it we have too many pre-occupation of greater things for the future ; the internet revolution, with information and knoweledge, promising and exciting technologies, SMS, MP3 ....



To Kill a Mockingbird (Collector's Edition) (1962)

In today seemingly more intensified world conflicts, especially among different races and religions, we really need to watch and reflect again and again this very touching story to get more inspiration and wisdom to move on with our life in this global village.

We have better chance for the future of this earth when we stay in touch with the universal human values.





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