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How Alvin Toffler, the greatest social thinker, gives us many useful concept / thinking model for our direct application in our daily life, personal or organizational? Are you still going through the motion of life in a fragmented and snap-shot manner, reacting and fire-fighting, while obviously there is a pattern of order evolving that you are un-aware of?

Alvin Toffler is no stranger to many. His thought provoking books have provided much insights and inspiration on human life and activities. While many organizations realize their snap-shot motion behavior; reacting to symptoms and unable to see the total coherent picture of their own action and reaction, Alvin Toffler has taken us to a greater height, to see the pattern of society activities over different era and centuries. He introduced the change pattern as Waves, with characteristics well described for each of the three waves. There are waves, pattern that is evolving, emerging, directly and indirectly affecting aspects of our life, likewise our action and reaction contribute towards the pattern and waves. Have we recognized it? Or are we merely rising with the rising tide and disappearing with the receding?

Buy from Amazon The Third Wave " by Alvin Toffler 

Is it possible that your understanding of "power" enslaves you, blinds your vision and makes you an unhappy person?

Alvin Toffler's understanding of power as three aspects 1) Wealth 2) Authority 3)Knowledge. This can become a useful model for application within organizations. Too often people associate "power" with "authority" only e.g. CEO with institutionalized authority has "power to change things, to make things happen", ignoring other more enduring power :"Knowledge". This leads to conclusion and slogan in management literature that "CEO must be committed (implying he has the power, which is actually the authority, to implement change). Much opportunities are lost in the pursuit of organization excellence, generating stress and frustration, when little attention is made on "Knowledge" as an enduring source of Power. "Knowledge" needs not necessary reside in those with institutionalized authority. Illustration of "Knowledge" power on a societal scale that causes power-shift by Alvin Toffler's certainly gives us the right focus in our quest for excellence or quality life the organization that we live in.

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The Third Wave " by Alvin Toffler

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