Who Really Matters

The Age of Heretics



Shocking Truth

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Who Really Matters ; The Core Group, Theory of Poser, Privilege and Success  

The shocking truth is out. Hypocrisy is nakedly exposed.

  • Customer is Not King, someone in the organization is.

  • Employee is our most important asset - you are a fool if you believe in this!

Every one knows that, but no one official identifies the real "kings"

There is no "self-confession" by the emperors!

When everyone hides behind the rhetoric, the high principles, the noble vision and mission and shared values, we are all fooling ourselves.

There is better chance for organization, entity, society or community to grow, if only we face the naked truth and take the courage to examine our heart and soul to take action and responsibilities towards what we truly believe.

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Who Really Matters - The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege and Success
by Art Kleiner

The Age of Heretics by Art Kleiner



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