Way of the Turtle

Jesse Livermore: The World's Greatest Stock Trader


Trading for a Living: Psychology, Trading Tactics, Money Management
by Alexander Elder

Market Trading - Attitudes & Discipline

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Jesse Livermore: The World's Greatest Stock Trader
by Richard Smitten 

Many lose money, only a few make real profit from market trading. It is not just techniques and skills (whether using fundamental approach or technical analysis) but a matter of the attitudes, the thinking, how investors understand their own feeling, anxiety, fear, greed, and the Discipline to follow a continuously improved trading system. 

If market trading is like a battle-field, the real enemy is yourself - you thoughts, your motives that bring the outcome - win or die!. There is no one to blame, no enemy to hunt. It is You and only You.

Investors, traders, I urge you to read the real life story of Jesse Livermore. then the other authors who advocate the same message. 

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