Way of the Turtle by Curtis Faith


Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp

Audioseminar on CD "Disciplined Trading" How to Trade your Way to Financial Freedom (Audio CD) by Van Tharp

Peak Performance Course for Traders & Investors
by Van K. Tharp

Investment Mastery

With so many ideas, theories, techniques, strategies on investment, it is time to really MASTER the science and art of investing to become masterful investors or traders.

Van Tharp's work is strongly recommended as he is many players in one : investor, trader, researcher, designer, coach, teacher, lecturer, speaker, .... 

He helps serious investors from A to Z, until state of mastery : 

  • Mastery of self inner core, before tackling the market

  • The mental make-up, attitudes, psychology, mindsets in investing

  • The discipline in developing, executing and improving good business plan and trading plan

  • The techniques and strategies in investment decision

  • Deriving greater meaning and purposefulness in winning.

This QuaSyLaTic will be modeling after Van Tharp towards own mastery in investment.

Refer Investment Mindset Coaching

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Safe Strategies for Financial Freedom by Van K. Tharp, D.R. Barton, Steve Sjuggerud, Van Tharp



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