Numerology for Healing: Your Personal Numbers as the Key to a Healthier Life - Michael Brill

Numerology and the Divine Triangle - Faith Javane


Master Numbers: Cycles of Divine Order - Faith Javane

Numerology: The Power in Numbers - Ruth Drayer

Number Psychology

These are the books I use to carry out Number Psychology Training & Coaching to individuals and organization.

Refer : Energy Psychology and Number Psychologhy Service

The Number Psychology coaching framework is constantly improved with new ideas from books and actual application to hundreds over clients - and it is a on-going process. 
EP coaching stories are shared at my Facebook.
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The Complete Book of Numerology - David Phillips

Numerology, The Complete Guide Matthew Goodwin

The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose - Dan Millman

Numerology- Hans Decoz


Numerology for the New Age - Lynn M. Buess

Life Cycles: Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness - Christine DeLorey

Enneagram Persoanlity System is now incorporated in my Number Psychology training. The following are the referrence books used.





The Tao of Chaos: Essence and the Enneagram by Stephen Wolinsky Character Neurosis by Claudio Naranjo





The Enneagram by Helen Palmer


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