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Stress can cause sickness, which we know.


Emotion, not probably managed, can also cause sickness. Some may not be too aware of that.


In-appropriate thought can also cause sickness, suffering and poor human performance.






Thought is Intangible. We may have taken it for granted. We ignore many more intangibles things in our life and universe, and we may pay a high price for such ignorance.








Andrew Wong is a Civil Engineering (Hons) graduated from University of Malaya in 1978. He has with him some twenty-eight years of working experiences - worked as a bridge and highway designer, in major oil and gas construction supervision, construction project manager for a couple of years.

Andrew then worked as a Maintenance Manager of Malaysia LNG manufacturing facilities like building, infrastructure, drainage, corrosion, insulation, etc. for about a decade. He later worked as a Quality and HSE Manager for a few years.

For the remaining eight years with Petronas, Oil & Gas corporation, he took up the position of  Management Trainer, Facilitator and Mindset-Emotion (EI) Coach. Due to the nature of these professional roles he plays, Andrew focuses more on the human psychology and behavior. Such experience augers well for him to understand better the psychology of people who could not perform so well - physically, mentally and emotionally!

Andrew retires from the corporation year 2008, and is now actively impacting his knowledge and skills in training and coaching to individuals and corporations and community.

Healing Interest

Andrew takes serious interest in various healing systems - after realizing the limitation offered by the Western Medicine. 

There is a vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom, offered by different cultures, in healing, Andrew focuses on a few that he can practice in greater depth to produce the desired results.

Coming from a trainer / coach perspectives, Andrew believes that healing work is the sole responsibility of the people who needs help. Hence he concentrates on those healing system whereby the healee (people who needs help) can take an active part in healing.

He has been trained by an Energy Healing Master from the US. From this initial learning, the interest arose for him to  further explore into many of the other complimentary healing systems available. During this process, he has in particular picked up and mastered those healing systems which he finds really practical and yet highly effective. These are the ones he will be sharing, that do not require special knowledge or sophisticated skills to produced desired results. 

Andrew gains experience from his professional coaching work to clients and community, with people who seek help in resolving problems, physical pain and suffering, mental and emotional difficulties. He is actively involved in some community work e.g. healing center, whereby he seeks and applies a variety of healing services that can best help people who is not feeling well.

Todate he has treated more than three hundred patients / clients from the public and corporations with all sorts of issues : physically, mental and performance (work or business or finance). Refer Cases Handled

Many of those helped are surprised at the speed of the good results produced with such simple method.

Andrew continues to upgrade his knowledge and skills in Energy Psychology, attended  training overseas.

He then, using his learning specialties, design and develop training program to assist learners to learn and practice the methodology in healing, after personally applied and tested the application.

Refer Energy Psychology Training     【能量心理学】培训课程



  Energy Psychology

2- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance