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Energy Psychology -

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Cases Handled


The following are some of the more challenging cases handled by this Energy Psychology practitioner since Dec. 2008

Some cases provided with more details for sharing with the internet community, click the links

Note: Not all EP cases produce immediate positive results, as shown below, many take longer sessions

  Case 1:
A 12-yr old girl who has self-inflected pain problem, pulled her own hair till bald more than 1 year.
Feedback : No more incidence of hair pulling 2 months  later, school exam result improves.
  Case 2:

A middle age lady suffered frequent and serious depression. For the 3rd time, she used knife to injure her own body, this time a deep cut in her abdomen, un-consciously.

  Case 3:

A breast cancer patient under-going chemo-therapy, lost her husband a few months ago. Has a 8 year old daughter whom she worries so much about her study, and future.

  Case 4:

A man having numbness in his legs for years. At times he visited 3-4 doctors, in a day,  as he worries the doctors did not give him the best treatment.

  Case 5:
    Deep resentment against her step mother resulted in dy-function of her own life.
  Case 6:

Vomiting daily for more than 10 years

  Case 7:

A child with sinus problem for years. (Her mother said she notice good improvement, 2 weeks later)

  Case 8:

A Specialist Medical doctor having sinus problem since school days, but it became worst since 3 years ago when in the Republic of Ireland to further his training.

Ever since he had been having blocked nose almost every day.

Five days after one Energy Psychology session, he said ::

"Hi Andrew I feel definitely much relieved in terms of the nose block. I can enjoy the free flow of fresh air since your session and I become not irritable due to the improved quality of life. I am deeply indebted to you . Best Regards - Dr. BL."

Feedback : 11th day."I can still breathe freely without sinus problem, my wife gave me good comments". 3 months later, still OK.

  Case 9:

A middle age lady lost her hearing on her right ear a year ago. Two specialists doctors confirmed no cure. What is even more un-accepting for her is the constant daily noises in her head near the right ear During the first Energy Psychology coaching / healing session the noise level subsided 50%

  Case 10

A mother was extremely worried about her 10 yr old hyper-active boy, who gets annoyed easily, and can turn violent or hurt himself

  Case 11

8 yrs old pain in the knee, now getting worse. Climbing stairs is always a problem. Depend on frequent medication and injection. The patient was totally amused with the Energy Psychology treatment and eager to try the method herself when she goes back home to climb the staircase.

  Case 12

Conducted Energy Psychology demo to a group of about 30 participants - a two hour session. Each participant was asked to focus on his or her own problem / issues, eg. pain, sickness, stress, disturbance etc. without reviewing any details.

After 2-3 rounds of Energy Psychology application in group, overall the rating of problems / issues came down, though not drastically. (as it is more for demo and experiential learning)

  Case 13

A volunteer at the group demo, who wanted to quit smoking, came forward for a brief Energy Psychology session of 15 min.  Feedback the second day "Normally at night I drink coffee and follow by a cigarette, but that night after the brief Energy Psychology session, I did not have the urge to smoke and I did not smoke"

  Case 14

In a one to one session, years of pain followed by a major operation still persists, after one hour session, the pain "seemed" to disappear.

  Case 15

A cancer case patient ended the 1 hr session, happy and cheerful

  Case 16

A mother told me her secondary school child, after the 1 hr session, knows how to carry out such treatment on-herself.

  Case 17

A 4th stage lung cancer patient undergoing chemo therapy having pain all over her body, 4-hourly morphine injection also did not help.2-3 round of Energy Psychology reduced the pain considerably, in about 20 min. Taught the teenage daughter the method to help her mother. So far only tackled on the physical pain, more work is needed on the emotional and psychological pain.

Feedback : That night felt extremely comfortable, which over the night, she has for once, after many months, a good peaceful painless comfortable sleep No need morphine injection except before sleep till this time, more alert and energetic (2nd day 4.30 pm), following 4 nights slept well also, less pain. 10th day still fine.

  Case 18

Coaching done to a person who wants to change current set of behavior / attitudes. A customized EP procedure was designed for him to practice for the next 1 month, with daily self-application.

  Case 19

Insomnia for 10 years with frequent nightmare.

  Case 20
    A 10-yr boy scares of darkness, ghost and dares not stay or sleep alone.
  Case 21
A man with Parkinson problem, hand trembling greatly, after first 15 min. of EP application, the trembling stopped for about 5 min. More sessions to continue
  Case 22

Two years throat cancer patient (old lady), suffered severe pain around the neck, which was badly burnt due to radiation, with daily worry whether she will die or not.  With one EP session, of 1 hour, 16 days ago, today her pain is minimum, she is much happier without much worry. The old lady applies EP to herself everyday.

  Case 23

A mother came with some physical symptoms, arising from stress handling 3 young children. In the next session she sent the children (without herself). The 3 children were coached on their inter-relationship and interaction with each other and parents. A few days after the session, they said they feel less irritated with each other. However more follow up sessions with the mother are necessary.

  Case 24

Heavily dependent on high dosages of sleeping pills every night for the last 8 years. After 1 hr Energy Psychology session, that very night the person concerned consumed only 1/3 of the normal dosage and slept alright. From coaching given during the 1 hr EP session, the person continues to apply self healing with the intention to free from sleeping pills.

  Case 25

The depressed person, with pain and ache, still holds the vivid image and sensation of the deep misery suffered years ago. During Energy Psychology healing session, a long forgotten and buried experience of intense peace in the midst of the extreme unhappiness surfaced, a fraction of a second, and it gets amplified now and thus brings much relief.  .

  Case 26

For years being humiliated, scolded, beaten by a co-worker..Before the start of the Energy Psychology session, the person was not only depressed, but almost like in a daze, not conscious of the surrounding. Mere mention of the attacker brought fear and anxiety. After 15 min. of EP, the negative emotion dis-appeared and the person smiled.

  Case 27

Many cases of life challenges like sickness, work performance, business outcome are a results of limiting beliefs in the sub-conscious mind. In handling several of EP clients, the limiting beliefs were formulated during childhood or younger days, un-consciously, usually experienced a difficult event without the capability to cope. A general discussion is at "Limiting Belief - the Danger, yet Unknown."

  More Cases in the form of Stories and Articles

Applications of Energy Psychology and Number Psychology


 Energy Psychology


Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance





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