Energy Psychology

2- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance



Questions and Answers (Q&A) :


Questions from interested parties on the above training program:



How did Energy Psychology come about?
    Started by US psychologists, who also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, mainly body energy system (Qi), combined the best of East and West and found that emotional issues (that also contributed largely to health problems) get resolved, sometime, within 10 min. instead of the usual psychological and medical treatments for years, which still cannot resolve the root problems.

The speed and effectiveness to wellness can be a constant surprise to many on several heath issues or mental challenges.


Has Energy Psychology got something to do with spiritualism, religion, Qigong?
    Energy Psychology has NOTHING to do with spiritualism, nor religion, nor Qigong.

Energy Psychology is more and more understood from Quantum Physics perspectives, a branch in science dealing with atom, filled with space or emptiness or energy field.

It is a synergy between the West and East, i.e. Psychology from the West and Qi activation from the East.
The theory behind is that sickness or dysfunction behavior arises from blocked Qi (Chinese Medicine principles) and the major contribution to that is Stress, Negative emotion, limiting beliefs, psychology etc. etc.
Applied psychology is by Coaching the Mind, where some techniques are taught and practiced in the class.
Qi activation is carried out at certain accupoints of the key meridians, the procedure of which is very simple and straightforward.
There is no need to practice Qigong exercise.

Application is simple enough, even children and learn, but skill practice is required.
3 What is the scope of Energy Psychology application ?
    Energy Psychology is not only confined to health issues or mental difficulties, but also can be applied to enhance emotional intelligence to create better performance in sports, study, businesses, .... various aspects in life.


How difficult is it to learn and mastery Energy Psychology application?
    The whole process is very simple, typically within 30 min. one can follow the simple steps.

In Western countries, great effort is made to teach to the children at home and students in the school, as today children are faced with more and more stress and pressure, from study, adults and peers.

However the challenge is the "Coaching the Mind" using conversation method, to deal with the thinking process, the psychology and the emotion. In the training, several coaching techniques are taught and practiced in the class.



Can I invite my friends or family members, who are having some health issues to join the training program?
    It is best that people with some concern about their health to come to the training, as they can understand a more holistic picture on the theory and model, thus increase their confidence. They can also learn how to do healing to themselves and / or they can use the techniques to help their friends.

It is important that people to come for the training must understand English or Mandarin (for Chinese class), which is the medium of instruction. If not, you as his friend or family member, can learn from the class and apply to them or teach them later.


My friend is suffering severe depression, should I invite her to the training class?

There are several advantages for your friend to come to the training class.

She can come with the mindset that she is attending a training class, and not seeking treatment (which is correct also, as the emphasis is on training - learning how to treat oneself and others). As depressed person may feel sensitive about making known to others about seeking treatment.

The class is conducted on easy flow manner, participants have the right to participate to a level comfortable to themselves.



 Can I attend the training class if I do not have any health issue?
    You are most welcome!

You can learn how to further enhance your Emotional Intelligence so that you can perform well in your undertaking. And after you learn the Energy Psychology application you can use it to help your friends or family or even provide professional services to the public.


Is that any follow up after the training?
    This trainer / coach is keen and committed to spread this simple, yet effective method to as many people. And for that, some follow up activities are organized to help the learners and practitioners to continue practice and motivate each other towards greater proficiency and mastery.


Can I recommend this training program to my family doctor (Western Medicine trained) ?
    Yes, more and more in the Western countries, the medical doctors also use Energy Psychology besides Western Medicine. They have the experience and skills how to balance the use of these two techniques.

Your family doctor has kind heart to think of the best for his or her patients, knowing that in certain cases, the patients need psychological boosting which the medicine cannot help too much. You doctor may advice his patients to learn the self healing techniques from this training program.
10 Are Energy Psychology practitioners doctors or psychologists?
No. They are not. Energy Psychology practitioners (healing to self or others) are merely facilitators, who follow the simple procedure to focus their mind and let their body energy unblock itself. Take it as initial First Aid application. If the problems persist they may still need to consult medical doctors / professional psychologists, although in great many cases, the problems just get resolved., often to the surprise of many!
    Any other questions ..................?




 Energy Psychology

2- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance





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