Energy Psychology

2- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance



Students' Little Success Stories


Shortly after 1 week being trained with Energy Psychology program, the following are little success stories of students’ application of what they learned. Usually.

Energy Psychology is applied in around 10 to 20 min. More often than not, students find amazing results.

The followings are some sample cases

  Case 1:

Son again having sneezing problem. Usual remedy is ointment application, or visit a doctor for medication, if it is serious.This time the mother applied Energy Psychology (while the son was sleeping) and the sneezing problem was gone.

  Case 2:

The mother often gets irritated, agitated and upset with the naughty behavior of her children and reacts negatively to them. After applying Energy Psychology to herself, she can calm down considerably and respond favorably  to the children. The children in turn become more loving to her also.

  Case 3:

The husband having chest problem for some time. After Energy Psychology application, the problem reduced 50%.

  Case 4:

After hearing the news the old mother was in semi-coma, admitted to the hospital, the student rush to the hospital by train. Energy Psychology was applied while in the train on behalf of the mother. The mother gained consciousness and the doctor was very surprised. On the following day the mother was dis-charged from the hospital.

(Note: Not sure whether it is a coincidence or not. However,  the students we taught in the class NOT to take credit on healing, but only to give best intention, love and compassion when apply Energy Psychology.)

  Case 5:

Quarrel and little fight among sibling children are fairly common. At the very scene the drama occurred, the mother applied Energy Psychology on them – the whole scene turned into laughter and fun.

  Case 6:

Apply Energy Psychology to his staff with some distress like physical pain or symptoms or psychological pain like stress, the problem intensity dropped 10 (out of 10) to 6, in a few rounds.

  Case 7:

Neighbor had right shoulder pain for more than one year, with intensity as high as 8 out of 10. First round of Energy Psychology application did not produce any effect. With some coaching, the arm became more flexible. And on third round, the pain intensity reduced from 8 to 5. All in less than 20 min. The neighbor was taught how to carry out the healing to herself.


More stories to share later ….

With more consistent practice on Energy Psychology application, the students can soon gain the mastery and become more confident to handle more difficult cases like the modern de-generative diseases.




 Energy Psychology

2- Day Training Workshop on

Energy Psychology -

Coaching the Mind , Healing the Body, Improving Performance





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