By Andrew Wong      21st August, 2004

Learning from Jesse Livermore


Learn how he made big money & learn to avoid his mistakes also







This learning column is created with the following objectives:

  • To reinforce a more holistic learning to my students in the QuaSyLaTic Investment System training  While the virtual classroom coaching is on technical tools to understand the market behavior, equally important is the mental and psychological make up of a serious learner to become successful investor or trader.

  • For this internet community interested learners to appreciate the mental and psychological requirements to be successful in investment so that they maybe more committed to take up serious study and practice in using the technical tools to guide one’s emotion and decision in market trading

How we strategize the learning?

  • Key Learning points given by Jesse Livermore are stated. Then I will illustrate in more details how to operationalize the learning principles.

  1. Who was Jesse Livermore?
  2. “The big money must necessarily be in the big swing.”
  3. "Fear your losses and let your profits run" [Part I]
  4. "Fear your losses and let your profits run" [Part II]
  5. "Markets are never wrong, opinions are" (A full article under construction)
  6. "They were numbers. They were always changing...."

Discussion and Learning from Readers' Comments or From QuaSyLaTic Investment System

  1. On Big Swing
  2. Psychological and Emotional Treatment in Investment Loss
  3. What should be the stop loss level or %?



QuaSyLaTic Articles published in New Straits Times, (Malaysia newspaper) 2007

Investment Mindset Coaching:

  1. Taking Personal Responsibility
  2. Don't Blame others when the going gets tough
  3. Balancing desire and risk-concern
  4. Honesty helps in good returns ?





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