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K 0101

In what way System audit can contribute towards organization teamwork?
K 0102 Misunderstanding of "Management Responsibility"
K 0103 The danger of "non-interference" policy.
K 0104 How "shift the burden" can easily happen when faced with a crisis.
K 0105 A skewed and unbalanced organization learning
K 0106 How managerial illusion is created?
K 0107 How Reengineering can create false sense of security that improvement is in hand?
K 0108 Difference between "Management of event" and "Management of Pattern"
K 0109 What should govern Managerial behavior?
K 0110 How a wrong question from the upper management can create havoc?
K 0111 How to overcome personal ego, pride and sensitivities?
K 0112 Importance of feedback system
K 0113 What is "Quality System"?
K 0114 What is "Process"?
K 0115 What is "Product"?
K 0116 What is "Organization Structure"?
K 0117 What is "Customer"?
K 0118 What is "Supplier"?
K 0119 What is "Quality"?
K 0120 What is "Quality Policy"?
K 0121 What is "Quality Management"?
K 0122 What is "Quality Planning"?
K 0123 What is "Quality Control"?
K 0124 What is "Quality Improvement"?
K 0125 What is "Quality Loop"?
K 0126 What is "Quality Loop"?
K 0127 What is "Requirements for quality"?
K 0128 What is "Quality Assurance"?
K 0129 What is "Total Quality Management"?
K 0130 What is "Management Review"?
K 0131 What is "Record"?
K 0132 What is "Quality Audit"?
K 0133 What is "Preventive Action"?
K 0134 What is "Corrective Action"?
K 0135 How to overcome personal perception and feeling ?
K 0136 Who should resolve the conflict between boss and sub-ordinates?
K 0137 Why and how "Business" viewed as "Knowledge" can be useful?
K 0138 How Teamwork and Collaboration can help eliminate stress / frustration in work?
K 0139 How fragmented Knowledge Management give rise to dispute / crisis over time?
K 0140 How boss or manager's strong personal opinion (right or wrong) can create fear in organization? 
K 0141 What is "Vital Record" and what is "Trivial Record"?
K 0142 How "Learning" can create confusion, chaos and experience of lack of focus / direction in an organization?
K 0143 What is the correct organization structure?
K 0144 Who should have power over who?
K 0145 Why 5-7 years TQM journey still goes nowhere?
K 0146 Why logically sound Management Integration Model does not produce effective intended results?
K 0147 Is Integration merely a Concept or Discipline?
K 0148 Relationship between symptoms and mental model. 
K 0149 What is Servant - Leader?
K 0150 How a system can get tempered and mutilated over years?
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