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K 0301

What is "Control of nonconforming product" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0302 What is "Corrective and Preventive action" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0303 What is "Handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0304 What is "Control of Quality Records" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0305 What is "Internal quality audits" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0306 What is "Training" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0307 What is "Servicing" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0308 What is "Statistical techniques" as per ISO 9001 Quality Model, 1994 edition?
K 0309 Can a Quality System save my business operation?
K 0310 Simple Personal act as bridge to profound ideas like TQM, Learning Organization.
K 0311 Connectedness of Things needs a Model as container
K 0312 Is language the stumbling block to Holistic thinking?
K 0313 Can Organization mystery be solved with in-house solution to capture, manage and distribute the Organization Knowledge?
K 0314 What focus and strategies in time of economic crisis, chaos and high competition?
K 0315 Do you really have the time to help EVERYONE of your staff to realized their potentials? 
K 0316 What can a CEO do to an arrogant manager acting like a tyrant?
K 0317 "How to cause staff to appreciate documented manuals in relation to their day to day operation?"
K 0318 Why getting staff genuine participation is difficult?
K 0319 How to avoid making mistakes that are not easily self-detectable?
K 0320 "What can I do to my staff on the worry of job loss?"
K 0321 How to motivate my staff to do the things I want them to do?
K 0322 Naive Management equation of "Reward equals Motivation"
K 0323 Why so called innovative Reward System backfires?
K 0324 Why many recipe to resolve tension / conflicts between employees and their supervisors does not work? How to approach it?
K 0325 Fellowship does not equal Teamwork.
K 0326 Why Ideals & Fellowship cannot be an effective driving and motivating force?
K 0327 Will Rotary Knowledge and Information help in Rotary Movement?
K 0328 What is Two-way Communication?
K 0329 Problem of voluntary organization in retaining old members and recruiting more members.
K 0330 What is Rotary?
K 0331 What are the Objects of Rotary?
K 0332 What is Rotary's motto
K 0333 What Rotary is Not? 
K 0334 Shift in Paradigm needs Principle of Synergy & Creativity
K 0335 System Improvement or System liability?
K 0336 A solution leads to another problem
K 0337 Does employing knowledge worker help in Knowledge Management?
K 0338 Why many well intended forum / discussion groups become boring and un-inspiring?
K 0339 Is Information Technology really the answer?
K 0340 A disconnect between customer satisfaction strategy and operating system.
K 0341 Locking Single logic into Computer system can be dangerous
K 0342 Fragmented Logic Vs Quality System
K 0343 How to cause change to attitude and behavior?
K 0344  Changing System or Changing People?
K 0345 Is it true that certain culture approaches Learning Organization differently?
K 0346 To what extent should Performance Indicators be the focus?
K 0347 "Why does Learning Organization stop?"
K 0348 How to manage incompatibility between a System and System Operators?
K 0349 How useful is a framework painting a vision for one's action towards aligning activities and values towards organization goals?
K 0350 Limitation of Change Management definition.
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