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K 0751

Want to know more about Object coding of knowledge / wisdom
K 0752 How to re-strategize with a change in event in considering system thinking application?
K 0753 Organization structure : Separate function treatment or Integration?
K 0754 Organization structural design to manage Health, Safety, Environment & Quality
K 0755 Different perception of Quality or TQM?
K 0756 Words of wisdom from Dr. W. Edwards Deming
K 0757 Diversity in structural makeup determine differences in organizational behavior
K 0758 Perception of Asian Managers
K 0759 Transformational change starts from which part of the system?
K 0760 Concept of the Theory of Constraints
K 0761 What are the "The Five Focusing Steps" as per Theory of Constraints
K 0762 What are the types of constraints as per Thoery of Constraints?
K 0763 Should throughput be the prime focus of an organization?
K 0764 Wise questions may not lead to sound solution.
K 0765 Better understanding of various types of audits carried out in an organisation.
K 0766 What are the three generic types of audits in an organization?
K 0767 Treatment of audit findings
K 0768 What is the prime purpose of quality audits?
K 0769 Challenges / Difficulties in Non Conformity Report with respect to Management Audit and Compliance Audit.
K 0770 How to deal with contractors workers on poor safety performance?
K 0771 Manager creating busyness to himself!
K 0772 Un-connectedness between Organization Vision and day to day work
K 0773 How to develop a manager's larger vision and self control of time / resources?
K 0774 Meaning of the role as coordinator
K 0775 Manager role : from co-ordinator to system thinker
K 0776 What is the implied responsibility of a Systems Thinker?
K 0777 Knowledge management Vs Specialists Management
K 0778 How to effect knowledge management and not just specialists Management?
K 0779 Managerial Illusion or Reality is dependent on looking from what perspectives?
K 0780 Creating a Quality Culture by Principles & Philosophy?
K 0781 Is Question and Answer (Q&A) a good way to do learning?
K 0782 Learning from Questions and Questioning
K 0783 Can quality principles help when old paradigm still prevails?
K 0784 How should manager handle difficult audit findings?
K 0785 Distinction between acceptable tolerance and acceptable defects
K 0786 Missing concept in understanding Zero Defects
K 0787 Difficulty in understanding Zero Defects concept
K 0788 Apparent conflict between following procedure and satisfying customers requirement
K 0789 Remove difficulty in drawing loop diagrams using systems thinking
K 0790 Incompleteness of a problem solving methodology
K 0791 Discipline in understanding current situation
K 0792 What is Systems Thinking and its usefulness?
K 0793 Overwhelmed with too many problem solving methodologies
K 0794 Could Systems Thinking lead to effective action and profound change?
K 0795 Why we should treat brainstormed root causes as mere speculation.
K 0796 What is wrong with the Quality Program?
K 0797 Unable to differentiate different problem solving methodologies
K 0798 In search of a focus and linkage from a stream of thoughts
K 0799 A change proposal with solution and benefits - what else is missing?
K 0800 Creating a Quality Culture by Principles & Philosophy?
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