By Andrew Wong      9th May 2011
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The Diamond Cutter

??????? Over a million people around the world pause each day ... to consult parts from The Diamond Cutter for strategies on achieving their own financial and personal success. In ten short years, the book - which is based on the wisdom of the Diamond Sutra, an ancient Tibetian writing - has become a modern busissness classisc, translated into more than fifteen different languages and used to build billons of new business around the world.

This article is a summary of my EP coaching experience to individuals and organizations. Reference is made to some of the ideas from the book “The Diamond Cutter – The Buddha On Managing Your Business and Your life” by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally. The quotations from the book are used to illustrate similar principles being utilized in EP Coaching.

Effort is made to display different words, terminologies, e.g. psychological terms, religious wordings, management / professional language, which all try to point towards the same thing. Hence it is best not to be restricted or biased to one’s perceptions of labels.

Readers of this article can benefit more if you read it as a first person, i.e. you are also having the described “experience” e.g. “What you experience is your beliefs or replay of the mental imprints, with or without the associated emotions or bodily sensation.” – i.e. you as the business owner worries about succession when you retire, or you as a CEO of a company experiences business difficulties, or you as a Dept Manager experiences non-cooperation from other depts., or you as internal organization consultant / change agent feeling frustrated with resistance to change from others, or you as a businessman experiences bankruptcy, or you as a spouse experiences relationship problem, or , you as a patient experiences serious sickness like cancer, or, you are so joyful as you win a lottery ticket, happy when you just get married, etc. etc. Focus on your experience and read the rest.

  • What you experience is your beliefs or replay of the mental imprints (Karma, Grace, Sin, Multiple-intelligence, energies, partial potentialities, holograms), with or without emotion or bodily sensation.
    • Hence what you experience as “reality” or “true” is only your beliefs, mindsets, emotions which become “real” to you.
  • Your subjective experience is your own perceived reality. Your perception forms your belief systems, attitudes or mindsets, that give rise to the meaning of your experience.
    • This is a difficult notion to grasp for most people, as we often relate our experience, positive or negative as caused by external factors, e.g. economic crisis, management policy, selfish behavior of the spouse, bad intention of other parties, virus that cause the diseases, holiday trip, win a prize, honeymoon, encounter a soul mate, Ideals or ideology, etc. etc.
    • In coaching when the client experiences negative (e.g. problems, pain, suffering, loss, frustration, anger, insecurity etc.) EP coach helps the client to identify the underlying belief systems (which can be in the subconscious), raise the client’s consciousness to modify, delete or redesign a new belief system so as to experience the new, desired outcome.
  • The subjective experience can be collectively shared, then it is the collective perception of “Reality or Truth”, e.g. during Galileo’s time, collective perception of the world was flat. Or, in certain race or culture they hold certain un-written beliefs that form the traditions or rituals.
    • An organization following Western style management, believes in using KPI to drive individual performance. In some cases it produces good results, on others, disaster to the business.
    • An organization following family style management, believes in using relationship to drive individual performance. In some cases it produces good results, on others, disaster to the business.
    • EP coaching, helps organization to identify the hidden collective belief systems, or paradigm or metal models, thereby raise organizational awareness to make conscious choice of strategies.
  • Whether it is personal-perceived reality or collective-perceived reality, the so called reality is not reality but "illusion", or “emptiness” or “neutral” or “potentials” or “holograms” (more explanation later). (it becomes real to you when you believe it to be so : A schizophrenic believes every approaching person is a monster trying to kill him, and that is real to him. A savvy businessman believes every crisis is an opportunity to make money, his beliefs lead to action and thus make more money. ) – what you experience is what you believe, your identification with “stuff” in your mind.
    • An organization believes so much in top leadership may render the rest of the organization become mere followers and not using their intelligence anymore.
  • Further reinforcement of the subjective or collective perceptions with more action and behaviors; make the external events or happening more “real” for the good or the worse of it. In the old days of slavery, the white believed that the Negroes had no souls, hence they can be treated like animals. When more and more Philippinoes believed that Marcos was most corrupted, almost bankrupted the country, the People Power uprising easily evicted the President.
    • When a business organization only believes in survival and competition and not innovation and collaboration, using KPI to induce stress and anxiety to individual staff to operate in individualistic manner and not team-work, we can easily image the consequences.
  • Quote – “The Diamond Cutter. P 67”; “The general content of the experience forced on you by the imprint (beliefs) must match the general content of the original imprinting (belief formed from conditioning).”
    • The beliefs that you use to bring about the current experience is derived from the past conditioning or karma or holograms. Such pattern of experience (good or bad) can become habitual and automatic. Without raising the concisions awareness, one has limited choices in life, which often creates stuck behavior.
    • Often in my EP coaching with clients who encounter repeated failures in life have belief system (imprint) formulated during childhood that he or she is un-worthy, or do not deserve a good life. Other has difficulty to manifest their potentials fully due to fear of success after experiencing childhood gilt of loved ones’ tragedies e.g. untimely death, who were not able to enjoy a good life.
    • Likewise a business owner or CEO may use his or her past conditioned imprints or belief system and impose on the organization un-consciously. EP coaching helps to surface such hidden motives and mindsets.
    • Individuals with past imprints like insecurity, low self-confidence may cling on to employer organization with apparent fierce dedication, loyalty and hence attachment arising from fear of losing the jobs or self-identity. Such negative energies, collectively may not do good to the organization.
  • Quote – “The Diamond Cutter, P 68”; “The strength of the imprint continually expands during its time in the subconscious, that is, until it flowers and forces us to undergo some experience, be it good or bad.”
    • I have EP clients who come with problems : “My life has been smooth and rather happy, suddenly a lot of things go sour, bad luck and mis-fortunate come one after another. ..I am at a loss”. Reports indicate thousand suffered depression, sickness after witnessing, seeing or just hearing the tragic inhuman bombing of New York twins tower during Sept 11: an event triggered the negative imprints in people, stored and hidden for years.
    • Likewise the reserve is true: some people experience good luck and good fortune suddenly, one after another.
    • Similar pattern happens to organization too.
  • Quote – “The Diamond Cutter, P 68”; “No experience of any kind ever happens unless the imprint that triggers it has been planted first.”
    • Hence who and what you are today is the result of the cumulative built up of the past, individually or organizationally.
    • If you do not like the present experience (e.g. failures, suffering,..etc.) you have to raise your consciousness to identify the old imprints or belief systems still operating within you and make changes and create more choices in life.
  • Quote – “The Diamond Cutter, P 68”; “Once an imprint is planted in the mind, it must lead to an experience: no imprint is ever wasted.”
    • Many of my EP clients realize the current experience (positive or negative) is a duplicate of the past experience, though in different form and shape. E.g. loving and kindness experience in the childhood is being experienced again now, maybe in different capacities like giving or receiving similar loving and kindness act. Or, feeling of rejection or abandonment during childhood, is being re-experienced by current problems of rejection or abandonment by spouse or children or friends.
    • Hence facing current experience (positive or negative) is a reminder to us of past imprint (positive or negative) and urging us to raise consciousness to create new imprints for useful application, and not be dictated by old imprints (beliefs, attitudes, images, etc.)
    • Organization uses task-force to solve problems. Over time, if they raise their consciousness, they see a pattern of recurrences of problems in different form and shapes, i.e. they remove the symptoms only, as Albert Einstein once said, “one cannot solve a problem if the original thinking has not been changed”, or if the original imprints have not be identified.
  • Quote – “The Diamond Cutter, P 69”; “Even a relatively minor action, if undertaken with a conscious awareness of how imprints make us see an otherwise “neutral” or “empty” world as we do, will lead to tremendous results.”
    • This is similar to the System theory that says “when a butterfly flips its wings in Beijing, it causes tornado in Paris”. Things are so inter-connected that a small action at the right time and with gathered underlying momentum can trigger a big change.
    • A burning cigarette butt can ignite a large forest fire. A seemingly polite and friendly remark “How are you?” can trigger the other party’s enormous rage. Or, a light embrace to a grieving friend can uplift his or her spirit.
    • An organization enjoying commercial success for a long time becomes complacent. A small market event triggers their business downfall, but they continue to blame on the market event.
  • Chapter 4 “The Diamond Cutter”, P 33 – “The Hidden Potential in ALL Things”
    • “ALL things” refers to all things, or anything we encounter in life, environment, and universe. It can be fortune, disaster, event, incident, objects, possession or lack of possession, a soul mate, enemy, good health or sickness, business profit, bankruptcy etc. etc.
    • All these things are just hidden potential – the Bad may become good, or worse.; Good may become better or bad: Today successful business strategies can be disastrous tomorrow; Cancer can lead to death or complete healing; ….
    • All things are just hidden potential, or “neutral”, or “emptiness” or “illusion”, or innate, … they have no intrinsic value (good or bad) until acted upon by the person(s) with his or her or their “perceptions” with whatever stored imprints, beliefs, attitudes, emotions etc. only then “good or bad” get manifested.
    • However, most people get attached to “good or bad of things they encounter” and think that the problems or solutions are in the “things” and not their own perceptions, beliefs and imprints. As a result they spend a lot of time and energy and money on “the things out there” – the success formula, the “root causes underneath the things”. E.g.
      • CEO – the economic crisis brings down my business (but another CEO capitalizes on the crisis and bring more business to the company)
      • Consultant – The System, Policy, Structure, KPI etc. are the solutions to client’s business success (but a company X has all the best system, policy etc. implemented by the consultant, and the business collapses, whereas another company without those mentioned, prospers)
      • Doctor / Patient – the virus causes my sickness (but the same virus did not affect another person); smoking causes lung cancer (but many chain smokers never get lung cancers)
      • Spouse – My partner is most un-caring (but many of the partner’s friends experience caring and kindness from him or her)
      • ..Name any bad occurrence from a situation, the same situation can have many other good outcomes for others. Likewise the reserve.
      • The focus should then be on what operating beliefs you use, what imprints, mindsets, attitudes that give rise to your current experience, Good or bad, Happy or sad. Successful or failure, “They are wrong, I am right”, etc.
      • In EP coaching, most clients initially have great difficulties to face themselves – their own beliefs and emotions, their presumed “essence or identity” of their existence, which actually are their “false self” “Illusion” “attachment”, not their true-self, not their source of wisdom, which is “emptiness”, from there new creation can be made.
  • Chapter 8 “The Diamond Cutter”, P 131 – “The Act of Truth” – “Why the wicked prosper?” ..”why those with integrity may not seen to prosper …?”
    • The writers explains by “Causes come before their results” ; “If someone is doing well financially, it must be coming from imprints in their mind which they put there by being generous in the past. Present success, then, come from having maintained a generous state of mind in the past. This does not necessarily mean that the person enjoying the success has a generous state of mind now.” “It is in every way plausible then that a successful businessperson can be enjoying the results of generous imprints planted in the past, and as the same time be planting new imprints for financial disaster in the future – by being greedy or stingy now.”
      • In my EP coaching, I have clients who make good money but feel emptiness in life, something important missing. As coaches, we help to balance the many different aspects of imprints, or potentials or energies or multiple intelligence, holograms so as to get in touch with the true-self or more complete being, not just material success.
      • Some of these clients may have so called “wicked behavior, greedy or stingy or even corrupted ...” but we treat that as un-balanced energies or potentials or imprints, which can be modified, transformed. There is no judgment or labeling on their behaviors or values, which are simply “empty” “neutral” to be transformed, to be re-designed.
      • Using the explanation “the wicked prosper” is due to past good imprint or karma (e.g. generosity in the past) that bought prosperity today, at the same time maintaining “wicked behavior” ... such explanation can be limiting or mis-leading. Person making such statement “the wicked prosper” maybe making a judgment and labeling on the prosperous person, implying also that the “good luck” or “good karma” from the past will run dry one day. The authors of the book “The Diamond Cutter” use the metaphor on current prosperity as an apple pie, an end product from early years of planting the apple trees and processing the fruits. This can further imply that the person concerned did not plant the apple tree, but such good karma was from past lives. Someone else planted the apple tree. This can lead to common beliefs of fate, some are born with good luck (though may not last a life time) or someone born with bad luck (nothing can be done about it!). I find such model not so useful, as I believe destiny is one’s choice and control.
      • I observe many clients enjoying their prosperity due to hardship during childhood, making them determined with arrogance and so called “wicked behavior”, they may need someone to help balance the many aspects of their potentials and energies e.g. making more money with compassion and not arrogance.
      • There are others for no apparent reasons having good fortune and good lucks all the time. And as onlookers, there is nothing great about their intelligence or attributes. They are simply manifesting one aspect of their imprints or potentialities. We can simply accept and not be envious or judgmental. They may or may not at this moment feel fulfilled with material success.
      • The authors also imply that you are not having your fortune now, using the above logic, you have bad karma, bad deeds done before, maybe past lives, now you have to redeem by doing good deeds. This can instill guilt and obligations. If a person behavior is driven by guilt, negative energies, they may not attract positive energies.
      • I have EP clients who are generous, perform good deeds to others, due to internal fear that if they do not do so, they will suffer miseries or fear of being not-loved. They do not know how to love themselves. The more they give and help others, the more they feel empty inside. In EP coaching we help them to come to term with themselves, not emphasizing more on helping others as obligation or redeem past mistakes.
      • They are individuals who do charity work to others, but not to themselves or families. There are organizations doing a lot of charity work in the society but exploit and stress their working members. Doing charity is an act, more importantly it is the whole motives and psychology behind that count.
  • By being generous, giving and doing charity work, needs not be the only option to create good imprints. Imagine a person learns to unleash his or her full potentials, with outcome like a new invention or service that benefit mankind. Imagine a business entity or corporation learns to unleash their organizational members potentials, not only benefiting the business but also helping every individual to being fully themselves. EP coaching aims to do that – for individuals and organizations.

Number Psychology and Energy Psychology

This writer uses Number Psychology and Energy Psychology technologies in the capacity of personal and organizational EP coach and trainer to help corporation to master the capability to manifest the Soul of an Organization, raising Organizational Consciousness and unleash the potentialities.

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Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

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