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Bill Gates and his Potentialities

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This is an article on “Bill Gates and His Potentialities“ from Number Psychology and Energy Psychology perspectives.

Except for the public information that Bill Gates is an American business magnate, Chairman of Microsoft, the richest man in this world for many years, and now a full time active philanthropist, there is little information of his personal and private life, especially his stages of growth since childhood.

Similar to EP coaching approach, whereby a client is being facilitated to share his or her experience, inner voice and thus become aware of his or her hidden potentials, this article will be using discussion and exploratory format to understand the possible stages of potential manifestation, with the assumptions that Bill Gates has acquired his high maturity and wisdom to be one of the most successful men on this earth.

Another assumed principle for this discussion is – for a person to manifest more fully the potentials, and thus gain maturity and wisdom in life, he or she likely has to face many life challenges and with good solutions. We will discuss what could be some possible challenges faced by Bill Gates to be what he is today.

From Number Psychology angle, Bill Gates key potentials or concentrated energies are:

  • Life Path [4] – System, Order, Stability
  • Integrated Attributes [3] – Creativity, Expression and Sensitivity
  • Motivation [1] – Leadership, Self-confidence
  • Personality [2] – Co-operation and Balance
  • Daily Energy [1] – Leadership and Self-confidence

Maturity and Success

As of today, it is clear that Bill Gates has manifested to a large extend the above key potentials.

On his life path or mission in life is on System and Stability, not only he had managed well Microsoft, a dynamically constantly changing IT technology with efficient and effective system, but also providing a pragmatic and effective system for the current charity work, which many see it as more difficult than managing Microsoft, due to all sort of motives and agenda of the fund receiving parties. By doing well, he not only benefited himself, shareholders of Microsoft, but also a large population of mankind.

On his integrated attributes, the potentials in Creativity, Expression and Sensitivity are certainly manifested both in Microsoft and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Likewise on his personality and daily energy, there is clear presentation of his Leadership and Self-confidence.

Life Challenges Overcome

To arrive at the above mentioned maturity and success, it is expected that Bill Gates have overcome much life challenges, typically in ..

  • Learning to be stable, could be dis-organized in the beginning, lack of discipline, especially from a upper middle class family, life was well taken care of. Possibly in the college, early year in university, his focus was his hobby in computer and not study. It is also expected that the parents may not take such out of orbit behaviour lightly, being the only boy (with two sisters) in the family.
  • He may have difficulty to express his own interest to the concerned parties, he could have bottled up his frustration for not being understood that computer is not just a hobby but a serious business. He may have difficulty to socialize, except with one or two close friends whose interest are in computer too.
  • He may have difficulty to build up his self-confidence in a rather “not too friendly environment” not taking his interest seriously, and thereby he may suffered self confidence problems. Even in Microsoft, too often he was in and out of court room to fight for the survival of Microsoft in the legal battle, not to mention the numerous virus attack.
  • All the above helped him to learn to be more mature in establishing Stability, Co-operation and Balance, Creativity, Expression, Sensitivity, Leadership and Self Confidence.

Most of my EP coaching clients are in the above situations, whereby they are being coached to face the challenges as opportunity to tap their potentials and to become more matured and wise. Most are not aware of problems faced signify opportunity to manifest potentials, and / or to be aware of other aspects of potentials so far not consciously known, but become clearer during EP coaching.

Interestingly Bill Gates does not have the following two potentialities, which most people expect. That is, Creating Abundance in Wealth and Power, a [8]-energy as in Microsoft that makes his rich, and Compassion and Humanity as in charity work, a [9]-energy.

He manifested his potentials in Creativity, Leadership, Co-operation and Stability with focus on business, Microsoft, which makes him rich. As Creating Abundance in Wealth and Power, which is [8] energy not his life path, or other core-potentials, it is natural he resigned from the business world and manifests his potentials / energy in his life path of [4] – expanding the scope to provide Stability in basic food, health care and education for the poor and the needy.

Unlike Mother Teresa, her life path energy or potentials are in Compassion and Humanity, a [9] energy. She used her bare hands to feed, nurse; clean the poorest of the poor. (Bill Gates uses system of Stability for his charity work).

Surprisingly Mother Teresa had Creating Abundance in Wealth and Power, a [8]-energy. Indeed, much abundance is created by her, with hundreds and thousands of centres spreading all over the world, influenced and inspired by her.

Some Learning and Observations

  • Everyone has different aspects of potentials.
    • It is unwise to motivate or force people to manifest potentials not in accordance to their stored energies. Imagine Bill Gates to perform like Mother Teresa, or vice versa.
  • Knowing your unique potentials with manifestation is also self-actualization, or feeling the satisfaction of life, or happiness.
    • The reverse is true also. Not knowing and not manifesting potentials, just live day by day with nothing to look forward to the next day, or simply getting busy or working late robotically. That can be a recipe for unhappiness in life.
    • From my EP coaching experience, many people are not aware of what aspects of their potentials need manifested. Some have mental, emotional, psychological obstacles to their potentials manifestation.
  • Behind success, there are life challenges well faced and handled with key lessons learned to become more matured and wise.
    • People often ignore what it takes to be successful.
  • Often people lose sight of potentials to be manifested when faced with challenges and difficulties in life. It is hard to see potentials waiting to be manifested as one is too caught up in the problems.
    • Quite often, during EP coaching, clients see the overall pattern of their life, past and future, thus can relate their current issues in a more objective and detached manner, thereby taking control of their life situations and destiny in life.
  • Apparent success with complacency, taking life too easy, can be signals that there are deeper potentials not identified and not tapped.
    • I often notice retiree with successful career or business in the past, do not have the enthusiasm and passion to look forward to the next day in life. On one hand they say there is no need to be ambitious, on the other hand, they feel emptiness in life.
  • Manifesting potentials to the fullest in not feeling the pressure and need to achieve something in life, but really enjoy what you are doing.
    • Both Bill Gates and Mother Teresa surely enjoy what they are doing.
  • Achieving and creating materials success like making money may just be a phase of your life, and need not the be ultimate destiny like in the case of Bill Gates.
  • It is not necessary to have stored Creating Abundance, Wealth and Power like [8] energy in order to make money, again as in the case of Bill Gates. It is more important to manifest more fully your aspects of potentials, making money can be one of the outcomes, again like in the case of Bill Gates.
    • However, I see many people pursuing financial freedom as their ultimate goals in life, ignoring their own unique aspects of potentials to be manifested. As a result, either it is a futile effort, or making the money at the expense of health or emptiness in life.
    • Often people who make remarks like “What is the use of gaining the whole world and lose your soul”, indicates they inability to balance and integrate manifestation of different aspects of their potentials. Such apparent “holy” statement can be mis-leading to other people and self, Bill Gates does not have such psychological conflicts, he continues to make money, passively, through Microsoft.


EP Coach, Andrew

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