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A mother is very pleased with her daughter’s behavior.

The 12-yr old daughter is good in her study. She takes her own initiatives to do her homework. She shows great interest in reading, studying. She channels her energy on anything to do with knowledge acquisition.

The mother cannot recall the daughter showed any tantrum throughout her childhood. Unlike most kids demanding attention and resist at attempts at pacification by crying, screaming, yelling etc. All the more, the mother feels comforted that the daughter is a good girl.

The daughter is quiet, and cool. She does not exhibit any high passion with joy or excitement, neither does she shows the other extremes of anger, frustration, sadness etc.
Often, she keeps to herself. Even among friends, she does not review much about her inner thoughts and feelings. She does not know how she feels inside also.

Lately the girl has anxiety attack. She could not explain what happens, but feels a lot of fear and anxiety and becomes very scare to go to school. She begins to talk in a shuttering manner.

The mother brought her to see doctors, psychiatrists, etc. But she did not talk. The mother was wondering whether she refuses to talk or could not talk.

This article discusses the underlying reasons for such behavior, and not the process of Number Psychology and Energy Psychology healing and coaching.

Balancing Energies in Potentialities

From the Number Psychology analysis, the child has potentialities in knowledge seeking. On this aspect, the child has manifested very well such attributes. However, any potentiality requires balancing energies : i.e. on one hand channeling energies outwards by seeking knowledge, one needs to balance the energies by getting in touch with own feelings and emotions. Such balancing act is the challenge for most people who have such potentialities.

During the coaching conversation with the child and the mother, it was reviewed that there were difficulties in the family. (This writer does not want to elaborate more in details what are the difficulties, as the intent of this article is to illustrate the psychological factors, and not the story per ser. Hence readers can imagine whatever maybe the difficulties, like parents’ poor relationship, divorce, or quarrels, or conflicts with the in-laws staying under the same roof, etc.)

The difficulties in the family or among the adults get picked up by the child, sub-consciously, over years. But the child does not have the language and ability to express these experiences.

Human’s instinct is to seek survival, no matter what are the negative circumstances.

Since the child has the potentialities in seeking knowledge, this becomes her strategy to cope with life situation. Not able to face the negative situations which can cause a lot of pain and suffering, mentally and emotionally, the child learns to disconnect or cut off the feelings and emotions. In this way, things appear “alright”, “under control”.

There is no need to feel and sense the difficulties around. And more energy is channeled to study and seek knowledge .

In an extreme case, for example, another child is living with a drunken father and gambling mother, and the child often gets beaten up by the parents. The child may learn the strategy to treat all these abuse as love and care, and have no complaints. The child may even tell others that the parents love him or her. The child is in self-denial of the reality.

But that is how the child learns to cope with life. Over time, this becomes his or her habitual strategy, and experience abusing spouse as love and care for him or her in the adult life. Tragic life pattern repeats!

The child may even adapt the strategy not to have sensation in the body, hence no sense of physical pain!

Such energies imbalance in the daughter, i.e. trying to cope with her life, seeking “superficial peace” in knowledge and “cutting of the feelings and emotions” may reach a threshold and result in today symptoms of fear and anxiety.

Again, the child could not articulate such negative emotions. Hence it is important for the helping-people-professionals to understand this underlying psychology and carry out appropriate healing or therapy and not dispense medicine, to further suppress the problems.

Concerned parents should learn ways to help the child to get in touch with his or her feelings, help him or her to express them by having heart to heart conversation with the child frequently. The parents should also understand their own underlying potentialities, in what way, the negative aspect of it may also interfere with the child, and carry out necessary healing work.

Organizational Learning

In a similar fashion, organization is un-aware of such lack of Organizational Consciousness that can affect both the business and organizational members.

(Note: The concept of Organizational Consciousness is also discussed in the article, “Safety Disasters and Organizational Learning” refer :

Organization is viewed as a rational entity. There is no room for expressions of emotions or feelings. In boardroom and business meetings, only rational communication is accepted. Feelings or emotions are taboos subject.

(Note: There is discussion on Emotional Intelligence, EQ in the article “What are missing in Organizational Learning?” refer :

With a lot of pressure and stress arising from the business and human interaction in the organization, these unbalanced negative energies can take the forms of a) poor performance and/or b) health problems of the staff.

Most organization management has not awakened to the awareness that poor performance of staff and thus business, is a function of decreasing EQ, emotional intelligence collectively.

Nor does organizational management realize declining health of the staff can be attributed to the suppressed or un-expressed emotions, arising from the organization, families or social life. These eventually affect the organizational performance.

In some large corporation, whereby incentive and benefits are high for good staff performers, performance and business results maybe good, however the long term health of the said staff may suffer. For example: many upon retirement, though with large sum of money from saving and gratuity or retirement benefits, could not live long to enjoy, or suffer in bed due to sickness.

Hence, besides having the usual health KPI like sick leave, medical bills, organization may like to study the statistics and pattern of those staff who retire and their health conditions, over time.

It would be wise for organization to take good care not only the business performance, but also staff potentialities, health and well being.

A win-win strategy for all.


EP Coach, Andrew

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