By Andrew Wong      7th August, 2011
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This article is a little experience I had recently with a stranger who befriended me at a coffee shop which I frequented often to do my computer work.

He was interested in my work as NP and EP trainer and coach, and we had a few conversations. Hence it is not a full NP EP coaching session.

This young gentleman only completed Form 5 secondary school and he is now a businessman.

He is expanding his business, and he is satisfied with his business performance, having many branches of shops in KL, and outstations.

He operates electronic games toys for children and other consumables. However he says he does not know anything about the products. He leaves the running of his business to his staff. He spends most of his time having tea with friends, and the routine of his business he leaves it to the staff.

He has a family with four young daughters.

Interestingly his Number-energies do not have Abundance or Wealth Creation [8]. Yet he seems to do well in his business.

For Number Psychology students, we take this as a case study ....

Ruling Number [5]
Soul Urge [7]
Personality [9]
Integrated Self [7]
Developmental Number [23/5]

What number-energies seem to work well for his business?

Possibly ...

  • [2] In term of relationship and PR, and hence networking
  • [3] Expression in communication
  • [7] Not getting involved, leave things to staff, and operate with remote control.
  • [5] Take thing easy, and flexible.

He also invested in an accouting and busienss IT system, whereby products, investory etc. are being managed.

This shows he is manifesting his [7]-energies, in being analytical and using System to operate.

However many aspects of the above number-energies are not fully manifested ... i.e.

  • [7] More analytical and critical about business, products. Operate in remote control manner, may indicate avoidance of conflict and emotions, thus not able to manifest full potentials.
  • [5] If overly flexible, not taking firm decision and stand.

With the above, it is possible that his business can reach a limit, not able to do better and better. With double [7], he may face set-back, forcing him to face his internal self, the true feelings and emotions.

This is just a guess, based on the number analysis.

Certainly he has reasons to feel proud as compared to even graduates or professionals, who have to work 8-5 or late evening to earn the monthly salary, i.e. without much freedom and avenue to increase revenue like in business.

Today at the coffee shop, he asked me to analyze his Number Psychology.

I asked : "What are the things you are interested to know about yourself?"

He said : "Am I ambitious in my business?"

I asked him back: "How ambitious you think you are in the scale of 0 to 10, 10 being most ambitious in your business?"

He said : "7 out of 10. I want to see that I have regular and consistent net profit of say RM 20,000 a month from all my businesses".

I asked : "What happens if it reaches 10 out of 10?"

He said : "I will be happy. I will provide more benefits and care to my staff." "What else?"... took him quite a long time to answer ..."Maybe I will Franchise my business" "What then will happen?" ...."I will not think further. I don't know. .."

I explained to him that, from his Number-analysis, his Life Mission or Ruling Number [5] is "Freedom and Disicipline". Not making money as per [8] Creating Abundance and Power. Although his current business is doing well, it is like he could be doing well in a career, earning salary like employee, may do well and get higher pay. However, it is basic for everyone to make a living, as employee or businessman to earn a living. Some do better, some don't.

(refer Bill Gates and his Potentialities )

"Your business is dong well, maybe even be better later, but these could be your stepping stones to eventually Manifest Freedom"

He seemed dis-appointed to hear that as he thought that doing business is his mission in life, furthermore that is what the society emphasis is, making big money.

From the above little coaching about his "ambition", we get clues that he does not have the vision nor compulsion like a strong [8] Creating Abundance and Power, with high ambition and achievement goals.

Then he made a remark : "Is that all you have to say about my Number?" (meaning that he expects more like hearing from a fortune teller, what good lucks, what fortune, what fate etc. etc.)

I explained that I am not doing fortune telling, which is not my belief. My belief is that our Destiny is not fated or fixed, but how do we manifest the hidden potentials as coded in the Numbers. And there are so many possibilities based on the same sets of Numbers.

For example, I said to him : "If you come to me for Number Psychology coaching when you were a secondary school student, with the same birthdate and name, I can only do coaching around your life situations like your school works, your relationship with your teachers, parents, classmates ... your like and dislike etc. etc."

... meaning that at that age, how much of the hidden potentials in the Numbers are being manifested, positively or negatively, or none at all.

Then when you are 60 years old, you again come for NP coaching, at that time, we will examine your 60 years life experiences, in what way your Number-energies are manifested.

It is possible that you have manifested all your energies positively or in a balanced manner, i.e. self-actualization and have a very high fulfillment in life.

Or, it could be you are in extreme difficuties, a lot of negative challenges to face.

Or, your 60 years is simply quiet and smooth sailing, no high tide, nor low tide, ... meaning just minimum average number-energies get manifested, nothing great, nothing disastrous.

Hope you learn something from the above sharing.


Andrew - EP coach

EP Coach, Andrew

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