By Andrew Wong      18th August, 2001
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To Quit the Job or Not?

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A Sale Executive is feeling tremendous pressure from work and his management. The sale target given is totally un-realistic and impossible to achieve. In spite of target and requirements given, the boss still micro manage every details, his movement, his dealing with potential clients. To him, it is like the boss is “tying his hands and feet and order him to run”.

He also notices lately there are at least 7 staff left the company. This further makes him conclude that this company is really hell to work in.

He is contemplating whether to resign or not.

This is a short coaching session in a restaurant, i.e. not a full scale coaching session, especially not addressing the EQ issues due to little privacy.

(Note: typical coaching may take the following approaches: a) to check validity of what he said, e.g. whether he could have biased perceptions about the company / management, b) to encourage positive thinking in him to focus on some minute “hope” areas, c) to get him to think outside the box on some new actions and strategies, d) to coach him to communicate more effectively with the boss, face to face to find out the truth, e) etc. etc. Readers of this article are invited to observe an EP coaching approach, as described below, bearing in mind that it is not a full scale EP coaching due to lack of privacy)

Coaching questions are based on the information reviewed about the hidden potentials / energies as per his Number Psychology, namely

  • Life Path Energy [Stability, System, Processes, Patience]
  • Motivation [Freedom, Discipline]

The above simply provides only a framework to help to zoom in and find out to what extend some of the above potentials are being manifested, positively or negatively, based on the stories offered by the coachee, as below.

“How was your experience in your previous jobs?”

“In my last 5 years of my career, I had changed jobs 7 times. Most of the times I was unhappy with the situations and conditions e.g. very low pay, repeated boring tasks, colleagues back stabbed me, once my company cheated on my EPF contribution. ….”

“Did you have one or more good experience?”

“Only once. My boss appreciated my work and gave me due rewards and recognition. But the job was so boring. And I quitted.”

“If your present boss also appreciates your work, will you stay on?”

“No, I do not find it challenging. I want to have some managerial experience, having some staff reporting to me, and not me doing the work alone. And I think my problem is I do not have an university degree qualification, only diploma. And company will not give me such opportunity to manage people.”

“Supposing you have a qualified degree now and doing a managerial job, will you still quit if the job is boring, boss not appreciative of your work, colleagues not co-operating, .. etc.?”

“I think I will look for another job.”

“So having a university degree may still not provide you stability in your career. How do you feel about the whole situations?”

“I feel frustrated and feel the world is unfair to me.”

“Did you have similar feeling before?”

“ ……. I feel unfair that my elder brother got all the financial assistance from my family to complete his university degree and not me.”

Due to lack of privacy to continue in-depth EP coaching, especially on the EQ issues, some observations and advice are offered to wrap up the conversation.

The Number Psychology attributes are used to construct a structure that could become the underlying forces that drive the behavior.

“Your latent energies or potentials is to learn to create stability with working system and processes. A matured manifestation can be an effective employee in setting up / operating a good management system, or create own business system, or ensure stable family structure. This life learning process needs patience and discipline.

Often, life presents challenges in the opposite direction i.e. facing a lot of external difficulties like boring job, demanding boss etc. as opportunity for you to practice the stored potentials i.e. to create Stability in spite of chaos. It seems that you adopt the strategy of avoidance and running away whenever there is a difficulty faced, and not facing it squarely so that you can find out what negative emotions, beliefs you are running away from.

Your past unpleasant experience, like feeling unfair that family only sponsored older brother’s study, and there could be other incidents, further reinforce the blocked energies. You will need to heal the past negative energies in order to manifest more the positive potentials.

Your [Freedom] energy, not being used in a balanced way, further makes things difficult for you. You “enjoy” being on the move, say, from one job to another and not practicing commitment.

It is a life learning process to learn to balance Freedom with Stability. Some great and successful people, put a lot of effort, with discipline and patience, to establish Stability e.g.a successful and stable business and then later, enjoy the [Freedom] of the wealth created, and become very generous philanthropist, freely giving away his earned money, and feel [Free] to do what he likes doing.”

After listening, the Sale Executive begins to have some serious reflection and thinking that maybe he should stay on in this hell-job and really face himself and not run away this time.

Readers may find that EP coaching has different approach – i.e. to focus more on the person’s inner self, inner potentials and not on the external, the circumstances, who is right, who is wrong, who is fair, who is unfair. ..

Once the inner conflicts or mental, emotional and psychological blockages are removed, the person will be able to manifest more positively the latent energies with good balancing.

Management Reaction

When a staff has the above similar issues, likely he or she may have the following types of behaviors in the organizations:

  • Radiate a lot of negative energies in the form of making a lot of complaints, or un-cooperative, get angry easily, work performance not optimal, ..
  • Or, suppressed the frustration, works alone, maybe hard-working in order to earn a living and hope for rewards, .. as a result, stressed easily and incur high medical bills.

Organization suffers, as the staff is not very productive. And his or her behaviors affect people around negatively also.

Typical management reaction:

  • Advice or lecture by the boss, which we know, may not help too much.
  • Using “carrot and stick” ie. Staff Performance Evaluation with rating system, good performance with bonus or higher salary, bad performance: no salary increment, no bonus. We also know that such system seldom is effective.
  • Send the staff for training, and more training, e.g. motivation, leadership, team-bulling, management training. But does that help?
  • Coach or counsel the said staff, but may not address his or her inner issues.
  • Transfer him or her to another job function. Again this may not address the fundamental issues.
  • As a last resort, sack the staff. Can such approach, to sack all non-performance staff, really help in the business performance? i.e. Management attention and energies is drawn on removing unwanted staff and not on creativity and innovation in the business.

Learning Organization

Dr Peter Senge said : “Organization cannot learn if the individuals do not have the capacity and capability to learn”

Isn’t is a wiser idea to unleash potentials of your staff, e.g. using EP coaching, and collectively they create the desired business results.

Note: EP coaching does not aim at less than optimal performance staff. In fact, when EP coaching can help unleash more hidden potentials of successful leaders and managers, and whem they master the EP coaching skills, they can create miracles to the organization.

Don’t you think so?


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Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

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