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Holding on (not letting go) can prevent natural flow of energy.
Resistance can create imbalanced manifestation of potentials resulting in pain and suffering.

An example:

A female corporate leader is assertive and can articulate well her ideas and view-points. She has strong opinions about things and acts accordingly, which contributed to her today success in leadership.

She is highly intellectual. For self learning, she attains many seminars, workshops on spirituality, metaphysics. She indulges more and more in such activities as she believes the wisdom is too profound to be understood easily.

She has cancers in her lower abdomen.

She shared the profound theories learned like “Thoughts create sickness” “Reality is only a perception” “”Nothing Real, Nothing Permanent”, etc. I commented many such seminars are theories-based, not experiential. I invited her to try briefly experimenting such profound theories.

“What is the object in front of you?

“A cup.”

“How do you know it is a cup?”

“I was taught that way to recognize such object. Everyone will say the same. “

“If everyone believes the same, it becomes real?”


“During Galileo time, everyone believed the world was flat. Is that real to you now?”


“You are experiencing cancer now?”


“Is that real?”

“Doctors say so. I suffer from it. It must be real.”

“How do you suffer? What emotions, feelings and sensation you have? Where you learned such reaction from? Childhood? …”(Just like where you learned the concept of cup?)


It was obvious that she is not ready to face the inner self of hers. We continue to chat on other things. She is proud she supports and donates to an organization promoting old Chinese wisdom and value, “Children Respect Parents” (弟子规)。She agitatedly articulated how today young people have no respect for parents. She gave her personal example: her university daughter hides from her about her relationship with a boy-friend. The mother feels cheated, not respected on such important issue.

She holds on (not letting go) such opinion and interpretation of children not respecting parents. I tried again to get her to experience the application of the theories she learned from seminar …

“Say we are back to old China feudalistic system, whereby parents with good intention, did the match-making for children. Suppose we have feelings to each other, but society would not allow such expression, but must follow parents’ decision on arranged marriage. If we protest, we will be punished for not respecting the parents. How do you feel?”

“That is different. The rules of the old days do not apply now. I am talking about fundamental and universally principle of children must respect parents.”

I asked whether there could be other perspectives like : “Respect for parents (or people) is not a right of any party, but earned, i.e. someone genuinely deserves the respect due to good deeds or relationship rendered”, or “Disrespectful behavior e.g. of children, is only the symptom, and there could be so many underlying reasons like emotional, psychological, social pressure, stress etc. some of which could be induced by the parents (knowingly or unknowingly) when the children were young ….

I related a case of a young father beating his wife and small child. From EP coaching, his buried emotional energy got triggered and reviewed his past negative experience of un-love from his parents (details of the un-love incidents are omitted here. This is not an issue of nature or un-love, nor who is right, who is wrong, but some trauma experienced.), yet pressured by society to “love and respect” parents, should not blame the parents. Now, unconsciously he vents his buried wounds on his wife and child. Hence respecting parents is done, but causes mental, emotional and psychological harms to wife and own child. Is that OK?

Holding on (not letting go) (in this case, a belief, an opinion) can prevent natural flow of energy.

Resistance can create imbalanced manifestation of potentials resulting in pain and suffering.

In her case, her resistance is by putting more efforts in the intellects, more ideology, more theories, more mental activities, more logics, more seminars, more expression and insistence of certain ideology or principle, which may contribute to her leadership success, but causes imbalance in her energy field. Intellectual potential is overly manifested, but her EQ, emotion and body-intelligence potentials are stuck, which further aggravates her cancers problem in her lower abdomen.


EP Coach, Andrew

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Energy Psychology helps to balance the negative energies.


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