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Projection of Fear

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In my EP coaching to hundreds of clients, ‘projection of fear’ is commonly practiced by many, but un-knowingly.

What is projection of fear?

Our discussion is focusing on those with good intention and concern for others, unknowingly are projecting their own fears onto the very persons they have good wishers for.

Most of such cases I coached are parents, who are concerned about their children behaviors, like not doing their homework, bad habits like smoking, play computer games, mixing with deviants.

They are cases whereby children misbehaviors are not that extreme, just not study hard enough and get poor school academic examination results.

Typical reactions from the parents are : first they try to talk nicely, logically to the children, without good response from the children, they use hard words, scolding, threats, some cannot control themselves and act physical, like slapping the children, or lock them in the room …

Without doubt, all parents act with good intention. They are concerned about the future of their children. For e.g. if you do not get good examination results, and without a good certificate, how could you secure a good job?. Etc. etc.

They do sincerely mean their children to have good life in the future.

The bad or worse scenarios of the future are actually NOT happening now. They are mental processes and hence mental images of fear. But their logic convinces them that if today is bad, tomorrow can be worse!

EP coaching helps the client to trace back where the fears came from. Usually the fears come from past negative experiences; a lot are from childhood period, when the little child felt most vulnerable.

Such trapped negative energy of fear, amplify the current situations, say images of children unwanted behavior or poor examination results get reinforced with larger negative future scenes.

The action, reaction from parents towards children, is driven by these high dosages of cumulative fears of their lives, and gets projected onto the children.

Each person, in this case, the child also has his or her experience of fear from other sources or events. Now, the child has to experience high dosage of imposition of fear energy from the parents. Can you imagine the negative escalation in the dynamic between parents and children!? Look around, read the newspaper, .. children run away from home, become drug addicts, suicides, ….

In my recent case of a mother-coachee (a senior manger of a large international corporation), after helping her to release the negative energy of fear created during her childhood in one session, she emailed me 2 days later, about her meaningful dialogue with her teenage child, with remarks “"Andrew, I see my daughter was so cheerful again this morning. She has not been so happy and calm for the last few weeks."

Her calm energy helps to stabilize her daughter’s energy too.

Even in a case of the child, a drug addict, parents practicing calm energies can produce enormous goodness, directly and indirectly help the child in difficulty.

Besides Parent-child, Projection of Fear is being practiced in all types of human relationships : friends, lovers, couples, business partners, different races or cultures or countries ….

Organization Learning.

With the example given above, it s now not difficult to observe many management team, leaders, managers, supervisors, apply this unconscious approach of “projection of fear” onto their staff, their organization.

“Your performance is not up to par, you have no future in this company.”

“We cannot afford such poor performance or safety incidents, the company will bankrupt in no time. We will all be sacked by the shareholders!”

“This is the most ridiculous business proposal I ever see. How could we compete with our competitors?”

Now watch carefully the anger, fear in the boss who makes such remarks. The very stress will cause him or her serious sickness too. And of course it affects the staff negatively also. It is really a lose-lose game for all.

What is the chance of an organization practicing excellence when the driving force is collective energies of fears,projecting on each other.

It is important that leaders and manager learn to understand such underlying psychology and neutralize their own internal negative energies of fear, and not project them onto their organization.

And EP coaching practice, as an organizational culture, will bring forth more positive energies, benefiting staff, organizational and business.


Andrew – EP coach
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This coach is most grateful to the hundreds of clients (public and corporate) who provide greater learning for the coach in the coaching sessions, thus gaining more experience and insights on what and how coaching works. As a result, this coach is more ready to provide services to the public and corporation more effectively.

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