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Surgeon, Stress and Peace

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The following case of medical surgeon can be a representation or illustration of how people faces and handles stress, perhaps, with more dramatic negative manifestation in the case of surgeon, as compared with other professions like singer or dancer.

The general characteristics of the stress management by medical surgeon follow a similar pattern as per my hundreds of EP coaching cases.

We will discuss a typical example.

A medical surgeon lately has difficulty to have regular good sleep. He gets agitated easily. His mood swing can be erratic : from energetic activities endeavor to lethargic behavior or feel depressed for no reasons.

With successful surgical operation, he may feel satisfied, but he does not feel relaxed, implying satisfaction does not lead to joy, calmness or peace felt within.

If operation resulting in complication and / or patients complaints, the stress level Increases.

He plays golf, and learns meditation, but there is little positive effect.

We can imagine, such negative and highly stressed state of mind, may further affect relationship with spouse, children, family or even sexual life or abnormal behaviors.

Surgeon as a profession requires enormous focused energies in carry out the delicate operations.

Any minute mal-practice may lead to serious injury, death of patient, damaging the reputation of the professional. Hence negative consequences can be severe.

Daily professional practice, as described above, lead to discharging of energies, causing overall imbalance energy field of the said surgeon. The resultant energy is more negative as evidenced by lack of calmness and relaxation.

Generally people describe the above as under stress. And typically, people use the following strategies to cope with stress: a) exercise, golf, yoga, qigong b) music, singing, dancing, c) outing, adventures, holidays d) some may indulge in addiction like smoking, computer games, gambling,drugs ..

To some extend, the above may bring about some reliefs, but usually not effectively. It also does not make too good sense to have large portion of the day under stress (due to the professional work) and little spare time doing stress relief measures.

It is more useful to focus on the major portion of the time under stressful conditions to bring about greater calmness and peace.

In another words, if attending peace and relaxation from the various measures mentioned like meditation, holidays, exercise do not bring about positive energy in the daily professional work, then the measures taken may not worth the efforts.

In EP coaching, we try to identify the underlying psychological drivers that bring about
stressful behaviors / reaction.

The followings are some possibilities or patterns, they differ with different people ...

  • Motive or purpose to be a surgeon

Often there are subconscious limiting beliefs.

It could due to childhood trauma that stored much negative energies like anger or hatred, and using surgery as a means to release such negatives.

Then surgery is not performed with peace and compassion for the patients.

  • Achievement Orientation

The excessive drive to be the best surgeon, to be recognized, can also be a reason that creates constant daily stress. The fixation of mind to be the best surely cannot induce relaxation, let alone calmness or felt peace within.

The fear to losing one's identity without being the best, is a psychological issue. Many people mistaken this aspect for postive thinking - to be the best.

  • Disconnection of feelings and sensation

Usually there is little aliveness in the body, little sensation but numbness. The surgeon also has difficulty to get in touch with his or her feelings and emotions. He or she, maybe a skillful surgeon, but more like efficient robot performing the act.

A body without felt sense of sensation and feelings cannot be a relaxed body.

  • Suppression of feelings and emotions

This is a common strategy used by many. They recognize the negative feelings and emotions, unlike the previous case of disconnecting the feelings. But they have a lot of fear to further face the emotions, which whatever negative incidents, stories or happening.

They play the avoidance strategy and suppress their feelings and emotions. In the case of the medical surgeon, they only focus on the logic and rationale, but not EQ, until the threshold is reached, with outburst behavior or the many symptoms, with some described in the above case.

There can be a host of other issues related to emotions and limiting beliefs affecting the stressful conditions.

When the client like surgeon realizes the underlying psychological drivers, and consciously practice the EP methods, greater calmness and peace can be experienced.

Then daily surgical practice is then a fulfillment and joy to experience, not stress to be hated.

Organizational Learning

It is important that the management of medical institution like hospital should focus well on the well being of surgeons. Besides to ensure sound professional practice for good reputation, but also to help bring more calmness to patients.

Patient undergoing surgery is normally under tremendous anxiety and worries. Surely a medical practitioner who is under stress, cannot demonstrate calm compassion to the said patients. With both negative energies from surgeon and patients, then a reasonable medical recovery can be greatly affected.

Organizational members, who many not be medical surgeons, but also suffer stress from work, may find some of the above discussion applicable.

Andrew - EP

EP Coach, Andrew

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