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In Search of Lost Emotion (Political Emotion too)

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This article is from observations made on hundreds of my EP coaching clients.

A typical example is used to illustrate in what way our lost emotion is one of the causes of the problem faced, be it behavioral, performance or health issue.

A house wife is severely abused by the husband for many years. Abuse can be in the physical, mental, emotional or psychological forms. For example, drunk husband beating up the wife, spending the earned money on gambling, womanizing or keeping mistresses and not for house use, children education, forcing or psycho the wife to earn the money while he enjoys life, ….

The wife feels depressed, lost, or she carries on life like slave or robot without any more feelings or emotions.

There is no anger, which is rightfully there. The anger-emotion is lost or deeply buried.

In Organization, people in stress, often cannot get in touch with their true felt emotions, resulting in poor work performance, affecting company business goals too. Organizational learning wise, there is little awareness of EQ, let alone practicing it.

Such loss of emotion, anger (as an example) is similar to collective loss of anger-emotion by some people, politically.

When our country (Malaysia) is being robbed off its resources by the corrupted politicians for more than half a century, with evil means to divide people using inflamed racial and religious propaganda, creating fears and chaos , many un-explained deaths in the police lock-up, even death during government official interrogation, granting citizenship to thousands of illegal, to give them the voting rights …so that these corrupted politicians can stay in power to feed their endless greed,….

There is no anger triggered to some Malaysians.

Their replies are : “There is not much we can do”, or “present government or the opposition parties are the same” “is it true the politicians are so evil?” ….. Some prefer to act noble like “we should forgive them” “I am not interested in this earthly pursuit” or they switch their minds to leisure, entertainment, prayer or meditation.

To a large extend, these people demonstrate sense of powerlessness.

On closer look, whether the above described wife or politically emotionless people, they lack self confidence, little self esteem; they have difficulty to face their reality of life, let alone having any aspiration or passion in life. Or, there are other psychological complexes that prevent them to get in touch with the appropriate emotions.

Human dignity has little meaning to them.

People generally fear emotions. Furthermore, morality or high principle like ‘should not feel angry’ can be psychologically damaging, affecting performance and health, making a human less wholesome.

Emotions (positive or negative) are natural reaction to a thought or event experienced. Since emotions are natural reactions, they are not right or wrong, good or bad. They are all energies, which can be, and should be acknowledged and felt, then transformed to positive, creative energies with positive action.


For example, recent Psy’s Gangnam performance, the Penang people shouted “No” to BN (the present government). And on 17th Feb, 2013, politicians came to visit at Dong Zong's Chinese New Year open house, Kajang people creatively changed the banner to “I Love (New) PM (Anwar)”.

They came with anger-energies, and transformed them into creative and fun energies.

Perhaps powerless people should participate more in political movement like Bersih or Anti-Lynas, to trigger their anger energies for transformation to positive action.

Perhaps more people should learn EP coaching to restore the lost emotions so as to build confidence and dignity in people.

Perhaps international psychology academicians should come to Malaysia to conduct case studies of so many corrupted politicians, to find out, what aspects of the emotions were missing, and the root causes.

As reader, you sure know what emotions are missing in these politicians.

Andrew, EP Coach

Quote from : "
-- The Healing Dimensions - Brent Baum"

  • Anger gives us the gift of energy ..
  • (About a case of someone being abused, or witnessed rage and anger of people close by, e.g. parents, and suppress such anger emotion internally ....)
  • The power to resolve such conflicting realities often come from the direction that we least expect : without sufficient anger to provide us with the strength to confront a rageful perpetrator, we might never enter the scene to rescue our wounded self.
  • The amount of anger we carry from our past is, in fact, a measure of the amount of unresolved trauma that we carry. This anger is most helpful in providing the strength needed to enter the scenes to liberate the wounded inner selves imprisoned since the moment of the trauma.

EP Coach, Andrew

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