By Andrew Wong      23rd March 2011
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Dear Andrew, EP Coach

Thank you for your numerological report based on my birth-date and name.

Firstly I agree very much with what was deduced from my birth date and name. But certainly, I understand that these are just potentialities and it is not definite or unchangeable. It is a useful reference for me to better understand myself and my inclinations.

[A] Overall Life Direction as per Birth-date

Freedom with Discipline, as mentioned in your report, has well described my direction. I have noticed that I often yearn freedom in life, in work, in school etc and do not like to be restricted by time, people or regulation control. However, when I lack discipline in the midst of freedom, I often end up nowhere, not completing anything constructive just as when I was rebellious during my teenage days. So now, I am learning to work towards the suggested attributes as stated in the report.

[C] How you Present Yourself to the world, and how the world sees you – Your Personality.

I have a fair combination of "People perceive you, outwardly as independent, with leadership quality, or, lacking self confidence, unsure of yourself.(as per your report)" It is very clearly shown that I am outwardly and independent especially when I am doing, saying something I am experienced or familiar in; and showing lack of self confidence when I am with peers or mentors much successful or capable than myself; unsure of myself in a long term period ahead. These situations usually occur when people who are not exactly close to me see me as independent, while my closer friends or people who understand me better have noticed I can be unsure of myself at times.

[E] Your Motivation

I agree that I am still in the life learning phase, i.e. learning to become more myself, more confident, more independent, as such, since I have not fully learned the lessons yet, hence I am not feeling confident of myself and I do find something missing in my life, not getting what I really want.
However, as I am embarking on a new stage in life with my career, I have a strong calling not to have the confidence level disguised in other form of rationale but to take up whatever challenge that comes and facing/handling it strongly (following Co-operation and Balance, Expression and Sensitivity, as per your report).

(H) Energies in Creating Abundance and Power.

<Note: The report describes some details of most people have fear of wealth and money, psychologically. Etc.>

Indeed, I have difficult area in this. For instance, I dislike the idea of the occupation as a financial planner ie. selling customers insurance or mortgage loans when in fact, the insurance could actually cover people from risk of inability to pay off hospital bills or afford to own a house without enough money. I see these occupation holders as "earning money with no conscience" especially when the more they sell, they more they earn.

However, with your remarks in the last part of the section, it has clarified much of what I wrote previously for my thoughts on looking for a job (regarding money, sale etc, especially I graduated in Marketing, ). I am able to view things more differently from another perspective and I feel better this way.

After the report, my Best Effort is to integrate the attributes I learnt about myself with whatever I face in my daily life, in order to create the best out of every situation with a positive and less limiting mindset and to keep learning. Now, I am more positive to see a challenge, obstacle or something that seems tough not to be a bad thing as I learn to improve to be a better person. These are my very personal life experience imprints and it is to help me grow, not for me to stumble upon. I am more receptive to reality of life now and facing things more confidently in a new perspective.

As of now, I have a little more understanding about myself progressively due to your kind advice. Each and every time I read the report, it brings more understanding and a lot of food for thoughts. I believe I can benefit much more from it as I come across with more in life. Thanks to you that I am able to learn so much more about myself and things in life! Thanks for opening up my consciousness and thinking process!


N-report Client
March 2011.


(May 2011, more than 2 months later, N-report Client wrote ....)

Hi Andrew,

How are you? I hope you are fine & well as always!

I had always wanted to write to you but was busy. So now, I am doing a quick check on my email and decided that I should write to you despite this late hour and that I have to wake up for work early tomorrow. Just to let you know that I am well and happy with my new job and seem to be coping better everyday.

Things couldnt be more wonderful than everything that is in place.. I feel I am moving in a smooth direction experiencing no hiccups as I am utilizing my potential in alignment to your recommendations in the numerology report. Once again, you are part of my little achievement today. I feel there is no better gift of gratitude than sharing these with you. =)

Warm Regards,
N-Report Client

Dear ....

Such a great joy to hear from you and more than double joy that, as you said "coping better everyday".

I am happy and proud of you being my coachee and you take my coaching seriously.

Yes, live in the "Power of Now" is to face reality as it is, even if the current reality is un-pleasant.

Many people, I observe, seek peace and happiness in meditation, prayer, yoga, qigong, doing charity, holiday trips, etc. etc. for years .. still cannot find peace and happiness when majority of the time, they are not happy with the reality they live it. e.g. not happy or not at ease with work, family, relationship, money, business .... which they conclude as no choice, un-willingly have to live with it, due to rice bowl, or relationship obligation etc. etc.

Hence 90% they cannot face and cope with reality, and spend the 10% on meditation, prayer, doing charity etc. etc.

Surely they drain off valuable energies (90% of the time) and the little 10% supposedly good energies will not help, i.e. cumulatively over time their energies are in deficit.

They play avoidance game - avoiding the reality and escape to the 10% imaginary peace.

Whereas meditation, prayer, yoga, doing charity .. should generate new and positive energies to help to balance the 90% negative energies, i.e. not only to cope better ... and really "enjoying" the so called unpleasant reality. But this is not the case.

This is the key secret towards Peace and Happiness - to face reality. Unfortunately most people miss this important point.

I am so happy you adopt such appropriate attitudes to create more meaning and happiness to your own life, by facing your current reality, which is to unleash your hidden potentialities ... then you are in a much better position to help others.

Once again Cheers to your every moment of your life

Andrew - EP coach.



EP Coach, Andrew

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