By Andrew Wong    28th August, 2005, Major revamp 7th April, 2007

Purity & Wellness : Soul Mind & Body
This website will include other ideas, therapies with consistent sound principles and philosophies in purity of soul, mind and body.

This community builder will avoid commercialization of products or services in this website, as excessive commercialization can poison the soul, mind and body.


For better health and well being, EP coaching is used.

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A Learning Community on Wellness, Health & Happiness

As the world has grown accustomed to certain ideology on health and well being, largely indoctrinated by the highly commercialized industries, many get embedded in such doctrine and their health not only did not improve but deteriorate.  This site attempts to challenge the underlying principles and create a shift in paradigm and behavior so that we are able to regain our true health and wellness in Soul Mind and Body.

The Objectives of this website:

To serve as a knowledge depository system for myself in the process of my learning, that includes my own experimentation, practice and discipline - and share with those interested

To encourage active search of knowledge and practice in purity and wellness : soul mind and body by this community.

To explore simpler and alternative ways to improve health and NOT resort to promotion or usage of commercialized products - medication, supplements or services..

This site consists of a) articles written by this QuaSyLaTic, b) other writers, c) recommended books, and d) Links to other sites which I find useful and in line with this philosophy and principles in purity of Soul  Mind and body.

Structures towards effective health, wellness and happiness:

  • Concentration towards Peace and Stillness of Soul and Mind

  • Emotional Release, particularly Energy Psychology

  • Movement and Exercise of the Body

  • What we Eat

Holistic and Healthy lifestyle includes different degrees of efforts on the above three structures. Generally, the higher severity of pain, suffering and unhappiness, the more emphasis should be placed on "Concentration towards Peach and Stillness of Soul and Mind" and Emotional Release.



Healing System

Energy Psychology :(Please click)

Concentration towards Peace and Stillness of Soul and Mind

Movement and Exercise of the Body  
What we Eat

Paradigm Shift in Science


General Concepts / Ideas  
Links with similar underlying principles on wellness and health 




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