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Questions from interested parties on the above training program:



What system is that ? you mean a software ?
    "System" here means a structured approach to invest one's own hard earned money, based on some sound principles and strategies. It is NOT a software. It consists of a set of rules to be implemented in order to achieve the aims of investment i.e. make as much money, minimizing loss and protect the larger part of the capital.




After the course, will I be able to do investment myself ?
    Yes, The course teaches you some simple rules to do investment to prevent you making big losses in investment. Not only you will be able to do investment yourself, it becomes so important that you do so, as it is your own money!


I also invest in unit trust and I have my own agent. What will happen after I attend the training course?
    After the course, you become aware that previously your investment approach is so risky, as you are always at the mercy of the market : 'smile when the market is up, (paper gain); sad, when the market is down, (paper loss). And you are devastated when you need the cash during bearish market, as you loose a large part of your hard earned money, capital.

You will either take up your own responsibilities to manage your own investment to avoid the above scenarios. Or, you will insist your agents attend the course and request your agents to use such system to manage your money, as from the course, you know how to set criteria for your agents to do investment for you, and know how to monitor whether your agents follow the system or not.



If I am an unit trust agent, what will happen after I attend the training course?
    There are a few scenarios:
    Scenario #1: If you have been making good money from commissions, but not through investment (i.e. you could not make money using the approach you advice your clients), you will face a dilemma. i.e. QuaSyLaTic Investment System is designed to protect client's capital with minimum loss and maximizing gain, NOT helping you to earn large commission. If you are addicted to make money from commission, you will find excuses to attack such system. If you genuinely want to ensure maximum benefits to your clients, you will want to use the system and in the long run, you also benefit. Your clients will have more confidence to put in more capital into the system.
    Scenario #2: You may want to use the taught investment system for your own application i.e. you begin to use your own money (even large capital) to invest following the rules set up in the system. You know, in the long run, mathematically, such system generates profit. You will also begin to educate your clients to follow such system, even though, in the beginning you earn less commission.
    Scenario #3: If your clients also know QuaSyLaTic Investment System, you know very well that your commission is capped,  i.e. your commission is limited to certain exposure in the market, you can only earn more commissions when the clients actually makes more profit. Either you get motivated to apply the system diligently (because in the long run, both clients and yourself benefit), or, you give up on such system and look for clients who are ignorant of such investment system. Normally such clients only invest a small portion of their capital, making it tedious for you to run after so many of such "small clients" to earn sufficient commission.


I face the dilemma that I do not have time horizon to leverage on my investment. How can the training course help me? - a retiree

The training course will teach you that trying to leverage on time is an un-wise investment strategy. The underlying assumption that longer the time frame, i.e. long term investment, one can make money. That is not true. Imagine an investor invested 10-20 years (pretty long term) before the last financial crisis, 1997. his capital was substantially wiped off when he liquidated his "long term" position during the bearish period. If he did not liquidate then, today (after another 10+ year) he still may not get back his capital in full.

Typical unit trust institution advocate on long term investment is also not attractive to retiree, who should be enjoying his reminding years of life, not further locking up his capital till his grave time, still with no assurance he can make money.

A new investment strategy is badly needed.



 The Training fee is expensive! Any discount to the training fee?
    Expensive: Well, a typical equity unit trust price dropped 8% in the last one month, if you had more than RM 16,000 invested, your loss is more than the training fee. Or, if you invested RM 5000 since Jan 2008, a drop of 24% as of today (June), your loss is also more than the training fee.

Which one is more expensive? Education fee or Ignorance?

Discount? Easy, as per webpage brochure 

20% discount is offered to any participant who brings in another participant. A maximum total of 100% discount for 5 extra people brought to the class renders free training to the introducer. There  is no cash payout for discount. 


Introducer is to collect full fee from participants and credit to the above account  before entitlement to discount.


I also invest in the stock market, how can I benefit from this training?
    The investment / trading principles and strategies used (in unit trust, stock market, currency, future etc.) are the same. In fact "QuaSyLaTic Investment System" using unit trust as the instrument, is derived from methodology used by the world great traders in other mentioned instruments. In the training class, advantages of using the system in unit trust to suit certain lifestyle are discussed.


Posting to QuaSyLaTic community of investors dated 2nd July, 2008
    Today (2nd July) KLCI dropped sharply 21.13 points, let's take at look at the over picture, refer


Pay attention to the 3 notations : circle, rectangle and triangle..
circle = today Index fund price (note: index fund similar to KLCI )
Today (2nd July) price dropped below that of rectangle i.e. March 2008

And today (2nd July) price is about the same as that of the triangle i.e. Nov 2006 (i.e. about 1 yr 7 months ago), it means that those who invested in equity within the last 1 yr 7 month, most lost heavily, unit trust agents earned the commission, but the investors continue to lose money!

Since most of our funds are not in the equity by now, we hope the market dives further down for us to buy low and hopefully make good profit.

I hope you feel more and more comfortable to use this System of Investment.

You can recommend such system to your friends to join the QuaSyLaTic Investment System training as per





Warren Buffet is concerned about the market?


An interested party to join the QuaSylaTic Investment System Training class in Sept emailed me the following article “Stagflation sightings multiply By John Browne”

Quote:       “Last week, Warren Buffet was the latest to describe his encounter with the beast <Stagflation>. The world's most famous investor pronounced that the current economy is in the middle stages of a stagflation episode. Although Mr Buffet is not typically associated with either bullish or bearish sentiment, he asserted that both the "stag" and "flation" aspects of the condition would intensify before they relent.”        Unquote.

(refer  http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/JG11Dj04.html )

In this coming QuaSyLaTic Investment System Training class ( http://360q.com/QIS/TRG.htm ), Sept. 2008, we will learn that we need not be concerned with stagflation, inflation, bear market or bull market, or whatever. We only need to follow the rules as per the system taught, i.e. protect your capital, minimize loss and make good profit.


Recession  is Coming!
    I received (27th July) an email from a friend, who got the message below from a chat group.  He also asked me "What do you think about it - especially item 4?"

Recession is coming ... make your own judgment, don't panic !! Do what is wise.
The recession looks very eminent. It is really time to take pro active steps to avoid a painful time in the next two years which is how long the recession is expected to last.


1. Don't take any loans, buy homes, properties with loans, or even cash. Keep as much cash as possible.
2. Pay off as much of personal loans, private loans, as debt collection will be hastened.
3. Sell any stocks you can even at lower prices.
4. Take money off from Trust Funds.
5. ....
6. ....

The list goes on ....

"Take money off from the trust funds" ... "in the next two years ... recession"

These type of messaging is all over the place, ... some even with more pessimistic and gloomy pictures painted. ...

For the unit trust consultants, the above is bad business for them, as investors may get disturbed by such type of warning and don't want to invest anymore. At the same time, most unit trust consultants now already feel the pinch, not much sale now. New funds sale is not as good as last time ....

And for the investors, most feel stuck when they had invested large sum of capital earlier, and get stressed when the price declined downward more and more. They are not thinking of new investment, they simply got worried about the existing investment.

With a good investment system, unit trust agent and investor should not get stressed, as once emotion gets damaged, the subsequent investment decision is usually poor, making more losses.

A good investment system recognizes that

a) even during bull time, one may loose money
b) during bad time, or recession or whatever bad news, one may make money, at least preserve the capital

Hence a good investment system focuses on the SYSTEM, not worry about recession or negative news, nor get too excited with bullish sentiments. The SYSTEM focuses on protecting your capital, minimize loss and make as much profit.

Then a question came "Hi Andrew, How long you think the RECESSION will last?"

After you attended the training "QuaSyLaTic Investment System", you will realize that the above is a WRONG question to ask, as the mindset, attitudes behind such question, is not only not useful to investment, it can be detrimental to investment decision.

11 Communicating with those sitting on the fence - to invest in training or not?
    Today (12th Sept. 2008) KLCI dropped sharply, down 21.62 points

In a typical equity unit trust fund, the drop is -1.70% in one day, coupled with the initial commission cost of -5.5%, the total loss is -7.20%.

If you had invested RM 20,000 in such fund, your total loss today is RM 1440, which is more expensive than the early bird fee of RM 1250 for the coming 2-day QuaSyLaTic Investment Training on 25-26th Oct. 2008 ( http://www.360q.com/QIS/TRG.htm )

Ignorance can be very costly.

In the last week training class, the participants paid the education fee, they understood that having mindset on feeling stingy on investment literacy or complaining training fee too expensive or trying to bargain on the training fee, is really the mindset of confirmed losers in investment. - It seems that it is "alright" the market erodes their capital (large amount), but not alright to pay for the education (small amount).

As per their learning feedback, (http://www.360q.com/QIS/Evaluation.htm), they realized that most of the time, it is the mindsets and belief system that get in their way to be successful investors.

They also learned to do simple calculation and planning to protect their capital, minimize their losses and maximize their gain.

For example, in today typical equity market, their money should be totally out of the equity (hence protected and preserved), getting ready now to go back to equity with some homework to be done, guided by chart (market behavior) as per


Do you Not WANT to have a good system to protect your Capital, minimize your Losses and maximize your Gain?
12 Learning Continues after Investment Training -( newsletter to interested parties to the training )
    Learning is a discipline.

It does not come about just because you attend a few day training program. It takes practice and more practice to gain mastery of the subject matter.

(Interestingly corporations / companies invest huge sum of money on training, hardly any follow up. Good news for trainers / consultants for their business income, but not so good news for organizations in term of real learning and return of such investment.)

Follow up to build a learning culture is what happens after the previous 2-day QuaSyLaTic Investment System training.

The graduates share, discuss, explore and practice what was taught in the 2-day training class as per Qi_System egroup. ( http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/qi_sys/ )They encourage and motivate each other to build their own investment system based on the principles, strategies and techniques taught in the class.

They also learned from the training that psychological and emotional make up and the corresponding mindsets are critical components of the success factors for good investment, Some planned to take a period of time to shift such paradigm, and the emotional intensity is felt in the recent market plunge worldwide.Different people have different pace in their learning curves.

The next QuaSyLaTic Investment System training is scheduled on 25-26th Oct. 2008 (Saturday and Sunday) with no plan for another one after that.

If you are a serious learner wanting to be successful investor, and / or genuine unit trust agent / those about to sign up as agent, who want to learn a new system to Protect the clients' money, Minimizing their loss and Maximizing their gain, this training is designed for YOU.


Loss Implication - Mindset / Psychology that cannot make you Rich! -( newsletter to interested parties to the training )
    Dated : 24th Sept. 2008

With recent market sever plunge, a typical unit trust fund suffers 34% loss since Jan 2008, and with 5.5% commission, the total loss is almost 40%.

For every RM 100, with loss of 40%, capital is reduced to RM 60, it needs 67% rise (not 40%)  to get back to RM 100, the original capital.

Until when (how many long years) can the market has the strength to rise 67% to get you back to your original capital. And with these long years, you will be better off if you simply put the original capital in Fixed Deposit bank. No loss, but +4% yearly return.

A friend of mine, who suffers losses, said "It is ok. It is only a small capital of RM 50,000". I think he is pretty rich, with a lot more capital in the bank.

Interestingly people who invest wishes to become rich or meet their financial goals. But it is these very mindsets and psychology - letting loss erode the capital and convincing himself or herself that it is only a small portion of his capital invested - that get in the way of becoming rich in investment.

How can eroding capital make you rich? How can small capital make your rich also?

In QuaSyLaTic Investment System, ( http://www.360q.com/QIS/TRG.htm ) students were taught using a system to invest - protect the capital (not let it erode), minimize loss (never allow themselves to get caught in the current market plunge situation) and maximize profit (with preserved capital or early locked in profit, getting reading for the market rebound and uptrend).

Are you still hesitating Not to sign up to the class (25-26th Oct, Sat / Sun) pay the education fee to Protect your Capital, Mimimize Loss and Maximize Profit?


Investment Discipline and Your Character Building -( newsletter to interested parties to the training )

Interestingly, the participants of the QuaSyLaTic Investment System realize more and more that in order to make money from the market, you got to know you own characters, your outlook of life and attitudes towards things and events.

Once you can take better control of your mindsets and emotion, your chance of winning becomes higher.

The rules and strategies in investment is not difficult. But mastery of your emotion, psychology and attitudes to the market is a challenge.

What is your attitudes towards life (or business, for that matter)?

Sometimes life(or business) brings you good fortunate, what is your attitudes and subsequent action and behavior?

Just like sometimes market is bullish and bring you profit. What is your attitudes and subsequence action and behavior?

Sometimes life (or business) brings you disasters, what is your attitudes and subsequent action and behavior?

Just like sometimes market is bearish (like now) and bring you big losses. What is your attitudes and subsequence action and behavior?

There are a lot of parallels between your relationship with the market-investment and life(or business)  in general!

Appropriate psychology is taught in the class, reinforced by a system of operation so that you can practice and gain mastery to protect your capital, minimize loss and maximize your profit.

Only less that 10 days the early bird fee is available as per QuaSyLaTic Investment System.

What happens to your current investment performance?

Is your capital being eroded more and more?

Are you still sitting on the fence?  


Make a concrete decision to be educated?

Your Choice.


QuaSyLaTic Investment Training Program
http://www.360q.com/QIS/TRG. htm

with the 1st feedback given at

and Q&A at
http://www.360q.com/QIS/Q&A. htm


Pre-training class articles reading
    The sooner your mind can flow with the messages in the above, the faster we can move on learning the various principles and strategies of a sound Investment System, with more time to do classroom practice to implement the system.

Honesty helps in good returns?        Balancing desire and risk-concern    

Don't blame others when the going gets tough    Taking personal responsibility

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2- Day Training Workshop on

QuaSyLaTic Investment System







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