2- Day Training Workshop on

QuaSyLaTic Investment System





How do you Like a System that makes money, minimizing loss and preserving the major part of your capital?



QuaSyLaTic Investment System is designed to preserve the major part of your capital and seize maximum profit, with minimum loss, from a market using unit trust instrument, over time.

In this 2-day training workshop, participants are


        Given the proper orientation of their psychology and belief system

        Taught the techniques & disciplines


To enable participant to design an investment / trading system to maximize profit.


A comprehensive participant manual is provided.


Training Contents


        Unit Trust : More benefits than you know & Managing large sum of money

        Your Psychology

        Investment Concepts and Principles

        Investing Simulation

        System of Investment

        Six Keys to design a sound Investment System

        Investment Risk Capital / Risk Calculation / Stop Loss

        Exposure Sizing / Frequency & Expectancy

        Position and Scenario Planning

        Entry, Exit / Stop, Hold & Wait

        Technoca; Analysis

        System Implementation

        ROI Computation

        Associated Skills & Practice .

        Investment EP Coaching introduced




2- Day Training Workshop on

QuaSyLaTic Investment System





How do you Like investment without stress and worry, yet with high probability to make money?


Rationale of the Program


Many invested in unit trust and experienced profit when market is up and loss when market is down. Even with long term investment, there is no certainty of making money.

This training is for the serious investors, wanting to learn a System for investment to create more certainty achieving the key purpose of investment make money! Without much stress and worry.


Who are the target learners?


Current Unit Trust investors who realize the need for a good investment system ; Unit Trust Agents ; Retiree with large lump sum retirement funds and long term investment strategy does not appeal to them  ; new investors with open mindsets for fresh learning or investors who request their agents to use this system.


This Investment System taught in the training is also applicable to Stock Market, Forex, Commodity etc.


Pre-requisites and Mindsets for Learners

  • Min. Form 5 mathematics, with simple calculation skills.

  • Some skills in accessing internet (familiar with Microsoft Powerpoint / spreadsheet is an advantage)

  • There is no quick money making offering.

  • Initial hard work and homework required with practice of techniques taught in the class.

  • Prepared to learn new investment mindsets, unlearn the old.

  • Please bring your own simple calculator and set-square (to draw parallel lines) to the classroom

  • Please suspend your current belief system on investment and put aside your usual ways in investment during these 2 days.

  • Go along, even if you strongly disagree, with the suggested ideas during the class.

  • Decide later whether you still want to retain your original belief systems or use the newly learned belief systems in investing.






2- Day Training Workshop on

QuaSyLaTic Investment System





How do you Like a System that is primarily designed to protect your capital and aims to make good money?


Organizer : Mr Choo Chak Hong, hp 012-409 8291 chakhong2u@yahoo.com  
Training Location Butterworth Penang  
Venue Stable Vision, 5A, 1st Floor Lebuh Tengiri 2, Pusat Bandar, Seberang Jaya  
Dates 9-10th Nov, 2013  (Sat. Sun)(9.00am - 5.30pm)  
Fee per pax 

Registration, Fee, Deposit enquires, please contact organizer Mr. Choo

hp 012-409 8291 chakhong2u@yahoo.com


Training in other places or overseas to be separately arranged.


Currently there is no public program planned. Interested parties can organize their own group of people and contact the undersigned.


Maximum Pax


Maximum number of participants allowed in each session is 20, to enable more experiential learning to take place.


Q&A : Questions and Answers about the training


Program Feedback from past participants.


Insight gathered from participants' feedbacks


A Case Study for Student


Trainer / Coach

[Money Clinic] Coaching Service


Andrew W is a keen and serious investor. He has been learning and practicing investment for more than 20 years. Currently he is managing RM 10 million fund for himself, close friends and relatives.


The QuaSyLaTic investment system developed by Andrew W is the actual system he uses with his own money.


Being a professional trainer and coach, Andrew W is passionate in teaching people the correct system in investment, fully aware of the fact that many lose their hard earned money due to lack of knowledge and discipline.


Underpinning Theory                 Article


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