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The premise of coaching is coachee can find the solutions himself or herself.

The Coach merely facilitates the client to find that solutions without giving opinions or advice. 


Sometimes the solution is beyond the cognitive reasoning but in the emotional intelligence.


The fundamental belief of a Mindset-Emotion Coach is that the coachee, the client, has the power and potentials to find his or her own solutions. Self-empowerment takes place when the client is coached with such belief system.

Managers or leaders, far too often, delegate problems to consultants to solve. Consultant's solution can sometimes become more complex than the original problem.

What appears to be complex business or organization problems may just be proper focus and alignment of mindset and emotion of the coachee who has the limit of authority (LOA) and influence in the organization.

Paradigm shift, behavior change or realizing full potentials using training programs are usually counter-productive. Each individual is unique and as such each should be uniquely served and coached.

The presuppositions held by the coach are :

  • The client has all the resourcefulness towards resolution and desired answers..

  • The client has the right to make choices that best serve him or her.

  • The client's map of reality is to be respected and it is his or her choice to make a shift in perspectives.

  • The client's behavior, no matter what, has its own positive intention.

  • The client's mind, emotion and body are part of a holistic system and seek congruency. 

What transpires between coachee and coach is strictly private and confidential. The coachee's sponsor or management can seek feedback from coachee and / or observe any change in behavior and its impact on the performance or circle of influence.

At samples of Coaching work, only generic learning, (to respect privacy), from coaching sessions are documented for the purpose of sharing with the internet coaching community.

  Note: EI : Emotional Intelligence



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