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Creating Coaching Culture for Organization

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When training investment still does not produce the expected return of investment, do you still continue to invest more in training?



 How can good footballers get nurtured without practice field?


How can organizational learning take place without creating a Practice Field?

Organization invests heavily in training programs with the hope to create greater competencies among staff.  More often than not, they do not see the expected matured behavior or acquired skill-sets. They continue to invest more in training trying to solve the problem using training.


QLS  is fortunate to have a corporate-client, who decidedly breaks the above vicious circle by engaging our service in a structured way to facilitate practice among managers, over a period of 10 months.


The chosen learning intervention is Energy Psychology Coaching with the view of creating a coaching culture to the organization.


 Approaches applied:


  • Upper Management members to experience personal coaching individually from QLS over a period of time to appreciate how their leadership attributes and potentials can be further enhanced. Hence motivation is created wanting to learn the coaching skills to coach other organization members.

  • A customized EP Coaching Training is then organized for these managers who really want to learn.

  • A workshop on intensive EP Coaching Practice is carried out together with the assigned coachee.

  • A regular one on one coaching program, to assist actual coaching activities, is organized by the HR dept.

  • QLS continues to provide facilitation and coaching service to ensure the core group of leasders /managers acquire sufficient coaching skills through regular practice in actual programmed coaching sessions..

  • The assigned coachee in the above, and other managers, can become the 2nd batch of participants to undergo the same program, making them effective coaches to others.

  • When a critical mass of effective coaches are created, organizational coaching culture will be in the making.

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Interested parties to contact Andrew  ( andrew360q@gmail,com ) or hp +6012-606 1525, for more information.




Organizational Learning System Towards Business Results   Training Programs

Facilitating Coaching Practice  




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