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Effective collaboration, cooperation and communication (commonly termed   teamwork) do not take place by accident, but through carefully designed and developed process with facilitation  


 Business / Organization issues or problems are often human issues, which can be best resolved by putting all the relevant stakeholders together to a have a quality conversation through well designed facilitation process.

Strategic conversation by a group of stakeholders to seek effective resolution to issues or create shared visions for collaborative action is best achieved by a well designed, developed facilitation workshop.

The following are same generic examples (not to review the actual clients' background).

The typical approach is QuaSyLaTic interviews a few stakeholder representatives to get relevant data, viewpoints and hence underlying issues for a workshop to be designed, developed and facilitated.

The workshop can range from one to three days, and workshop up to 120 participants was delivered by QuaSyLaTic. 

For example:

  • There were deep conflict and resentment between management staff in the office and operators in the offshore platform. Through teambuilding simple games to elicit typical behavioral pattern, both parties were engaged in heart to heart conversation on work issues using different frame of minds and  discovered common grounds to work together.

  • A new joint venture company made up of two entities, each 50% share. Both have their own agenda and expectation and want to take full control in managing the new company. Yet they did not speak frankly and directly but hide under polite talk. Through the facilitated workshop, both parties became more honest and transparent and focused on common grounds for win-win solution.

  • Poorly designed individual staff and departmental KPI (Key Performance Indicators) resulting in not only lack of synergy of all parties concerned, but bickering and blaming each other. Getting all to focus on the sound principles of KPI, the workshop laid the foundation for further collaboration and improved KPI design.

  • Greater rapport and relationship creation among contractors, consultants and clients before and during the project phase. Beside the usual team building program, exploration is made into the belief systems that govern each party behavior thus resulting in greater understanding for better collaboration and teamwork.

  • Two entities need to work together on the same oil platform, each with different focus, one on normal production, another on Re-visit campaign. They have not met face to face before and now they have to work together in less than a few weeks. An outdoor teambuilding format is used to meet such challenges with the view of building a strong ground for further collaboration and working relationship.

  • Increasing complexities due to more gas fields with different shareholders, supplied to many different customers like manufactuers, government power producer, etc. and all facilities are inter-connected. Besides most efficient communication to ensure each party requirements are satisfactorily met, maximum collaboration and understanding are required to prevent eventual negative consequences not only to shareholders, but community and the whole state of Sarawak. Most of these people have not met face-to-face except through phones call, faxes and emails.

  • etc.

Note: Client may start with any of the above type of workshop later link to organizational learning intervention towards business results.


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