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This site is not a public or community discussion forum, but a place for individuals to do reflection, gather new ideas, gain inspiration to take the next bold step in life, to build a personal long lever to lift himself / herself, or the whole Global Village to a higher platform.
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This website is specially designed for members of QuaSyLaTic Knowledgebase Reflection & Inspirational Corner, with password protection. You are most welcome to  join.  
There are several webpages which are free for viewing, but you need to have patience to browse  :
The benefits for members include :
  1. Access to articles (insights into personal, organizational and community life) by  this QuaSyLaTic writer.
  2. Various tools and methodologies with supporting theories and models to help individuals and organizations to build their long  levers to lift the world as their visions empower them to do so.
  3. Access to 1000+ coded knowledge objects on certain themes, topics, questions using structural thinking format, i.e. insights, perspectives based on set of observations, with identification of symptoms, changes, and root  causes.
  4. Slides Presentations like in seminars
  5. Special columns on Life Planning & Investment Knowledge
  6. Each member could ask at least two questions (on related subjects of QuaSyLaTic) to the owner of this webpage for conversation or coaching.

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